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Employee Compliance Requirements

While it may seem like there is an overabundance of university compliance initiatives, there are actually a very limited number of compliance responsibilities required of employees. These responsibilities require an annual time commitment of no more than a few hours. The calendar below is a helpful guide to these compliance responsibilities, when they must be completed and by whom.

Compliance Requirement What It Is Who Must Do It When It Takes Place
General Compliance Training​ Online workshop on the university Code of Conduct All university faculty, staff and student employees Annually

Available online beginning in November and running through January
Management Standards Training​ Face-to-face training sessions on a variety of compliance topics University budget managers

Those employees with supervisory or delegated financial responsibilities are also encouraged to attend.

Available in April, May and June

Attendance at one session is required.
Manager Control Self-Assessment Certification (MCSA)​ Online manager certification of compliance with policies and standards for the prior fiscal year University budget managers (named in PeopleSoft) Annually

Available in October
Quality Assurance Review​ Face-to-face review of a department's compliance with university policies and procedures University budget managers (named in PeopleSoft)

 Delegates may participate in the review.
As scheduled