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Office of Compliance
Loop Campus Building

​What is Compliance?

Compliance is an initiative created to help ensure that all DePaul University faculty and staff members effectively manage the university's business and its risk.

To achieve this, Compliance and Risk Management is charged with making sure that all DePaul employees are aware of their responsibilities in developing and maintaining a compliance-conscious environment. Additionally, the Compliance department establishes ways to continuously assess the compliance efforts in upholding the integrity of DePaul's standards.

While standards are nothing new at the university, this initiative formalizes what's expected of DePaul's employees. Compliance and Risk Management makes sure that the university's policies and procedures, as well as local, state and federal laws are followed. This is accomplished through conducting risk assessments, monitoring operational activities, delivering training sessions and administering quality assurance reviews, among other tools used to help reduce the university's risks.

Risks, such as financial, operational, strategic and reputation-related, can come from any number of sources. By creating a culture of compliance, the university, its students, employees and the entire DePaul community will be better served.

Report Misconduct

For emergency situations that pose a threat to the immediate safety of members of the university community, please call 911.

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