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Campus safety actions

​​In the last three weeks, our university community has witnessed an alarming increase in safety incidents on our Lincoln Park and Loop campuses. We want you to know how much we share your concern and will not tolerate these crimes that continue to occur on campus. We are actively pressing the mayor and elected officials for responses to help us in this effort so that we can get immediate support.

In response to these recent crimes, and based on the feedback you provided at the Safety Summit, DePaul will implement the following changes:

DePaul identification (effective Monday, Oct. 2, 2023)
  • You will be required to have your DePaul ID on you at all times on both the Lincoln Park and Loop campuses. In the interest of making sure only our university community members are inside our buildings, a public safety officer may request to see your ID at any time.
  • Public safety officers will have the authority to remove anyone from a DePaul building who cannot demonstrate they are a faculty, staff, student, invited guest or welcomed visitor. In alignment with this university policy, all public safety officers will be required to complete sensitivity training on a regular basis to mitigate the likelihood of racial or ethnic profiling.
  • In order to access university floors above the lobby level in the DePaul Center on the Loop Campus, you will need to present a DePaul ID or register as an authorized visitor.
  • Anyone who would like access to the Richardson Library on the Lincoln Park Campus will need to show either a DePaul ID or a government-issued ID.
  • We will continue to communicate with you about these changes and do ask that you begin to carry your DePaul ID with you now.
Security officers and police presence
  • We are getting additional DePaul security officers to have a more visible presence on campus, especially after dark and over weekends. We also are increasing the number of security vehicles to patrol the Lincoln Park Campus during the overnight hours.
  • The Chicago Police Department has approved an increase in its patrols around the Lincoln Park Campus.


  • We are working with rideshare companies Lyft and Uber and are actively creating options to develop a subsidized rideshare program for DePaul students.
  • We will increase the capacity of the existing Public Safety escort service on the Lincoln Park Campus by securing a supplemental van and professional driver to assist with late-evening rides around campus. 
  • We are upgrading overhead lighting in the Sheffield Parking Garage on the Lincoln Park Campus.
  • We also are upgrading lighting along the El tracks and in the Lincoln Park Quad to be installed in the upcoming months.
Safety programming
  • Housing and Residence Life is launching a series of programs focused on campus safety. Activities will occur within each individual residence hall beginning in October, starting with a Lock Your Door program that will remind students about safety guidelines.
  • Additional programs will be shared with the university community as more information becomes available.

These changes are necessary, and we ask for your understanding and cooperation as we work together on their implementation. We will communicate with you actively and welcome your input as we review additional improvements. If you have questions or suggestions related to campus safety, please contact us at

Again, please know we are actively engaging with the mayor’s office and our aldermen to impress upon them how much these recent crimes are affecting the wellbeing of our students, their families, and our overall university.

Our students chose DePaul so that they could have access to an outstanding education that will empower them to change the world. We will continue to do everything in our power to keep our students safe and help them succeed academically, professionally, and personally.