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DePaul affirms commitment to diversity

​​Today, the U.S. Supreme Court reversed its decades-long precedent of allowing universities to consider race as one factor among many in admissions. I am disappointed by this ruling and reaffirm DePaul's steadfast commitment to serving the diversity in our world and creating a vibrant educational experience for all people.  

In August 2022, DePaul cosigned an amicus brief with Catholic colleges and universities, including Georgetown University, Boston College, University of Notre Dame, and Villanova University. The brief urged the Supreme Court to continue to allow Catholic colleges and universities to consider race when making admissions decisions.

I pledge that DePaul will continue to engage with local leaders in our community to explore the implications of the ruling on affirmative action and continue to drive efforts forward to define the individual and societal impacts of diverse learning communities. We will continue to recruit diverse classes and cultivate programs that appeal to a wide range of populations. A few of the ways we already do this include:

Engaging in a holistic review of applicants to increase access: DePaul performs a holistic review of each candidate's application for admission, enabling us to see the whole student and to welcome those whose potential might otherwise be overlooked. More than a decade ago, DePaul became a national leader as one of the first colleges to offer test-optional admissions. This evidence-based approach has encouraged a wider range of high-achieving students to consider DePaul.
Connecting with the vibrant, global city of Chicago: Since our founding, DePaul has opened its doors to serve the rich mosaic of populations in Chicago and beyond. Our undergraduate admissions office cultivates strong partnerships with Chicago Public Schools and Illinois' Catholic schools to ensure pathways for minority populations.
Financially assisting students: In 2021-2022, DePaul awarded more than $169 million in need-based, institutional financial aid. About one third of DePaul students are Pell-eligible and face exceptional financial need. DePaul streamlines financial aid to assist all students.
Supporting diverse students on campus: Nearly half of our undergraduates are students of color. We create and foster programs that support diverse students, including Generation Success for first-generation college students, the STARS peer mentor program, and the Arnold Mitchem Fellows program. DePaul also is on the path to achieving the distinction of being a Hispanic Serving Institution and is poised to apply for federal designation to become an Asian American, Native American, and Pacific Islander Institution.
Fostering an understanding of the importance of diversity: Our faculty are driving academic innovation that bolsters understanding of diversity and furthers social justice, including the Social Transformation Research Collaborative.
Since its founding in 1898, DePaul has been dedicated to making education accessible to all. At DePaul, racial justice is intertwined with our Catholic, Vincentian mission to serve others and build an equitable society. Vincentian personalism prioritizes dignity and respect for each individual and drives our programs, people, and practices.

We know gaps remain in achievement in higher education based on race, ethnicity, and gender. We will continue to work to identify and close those gaps. In this spirit, I ask for your partnership as we look ahead to designing DePaul's future with diversity at the forefront.