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Using & Changing Plans

Adding Money to Plans

Lincoln Park residents with DePaul Plans can add money at any time by logging into Campus Connect, clicking on “Meal Plan Online” and following the steps. Residents can check their balance at any time by logging into this link.

Residents of the University Center can add additional flex money to their University Center ID card at any time by following this link​.

Changing Plans

Residents can upgrade to a higher dining plan at any time. Residents may only change to a lower plan (as long as it does not fall below the minimum required plan) before the end of the second week of any quarter/semester in which the change is requested to take effect. To change a meal plan, please complete the Meal Plan Change Request Form​.

Meal plan cancellations, as a result of a housing cancellation, will not receive a refund after the second Friday of the quarter/semester.

Rollover Policy

Below is the rollover policy that applies to residents with DePaul Plans. (There is no rollover for University Center meal plans.)

2017-18 incoming and continuing students: Dining plan values on DePaul ID cards roll forward from fall to winter to spring quarter until the end of spring quarter on June 8, 2018. After that date, any remaining balance will be forfeited and is not refundable. University Center flex dollars will also be forfeited at the end of spring quarter.