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Schedule of Classes

Begin by selecting a term. Schedules must be completed two weeks prior to registration for the term, although many departments do enter this information earlier. The more general the criteria, the more results you will receive. Please note that a message of "No results were found for the selected search criteria" may indicate that the course is not offered in the selected term or has not yet been scheduled. (Textbook information can be obtained from the Barnes and Noble website.)


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Current students preparing for registration are encouraged to use the Campus Connect class search which allows students to search for classes by degree requirement and place courses in their course cart facilitating registration.

2 Credit Hour Class List - Autumn 2018

Static PDF Schedule Documents

Please click on the links below to download PDF versions of the Schedule of Classes. These documents are updated on a weekly basis. For more up-to-date information, please utilize the dynamic Schedule of Classes above or the Class Search in Campus Connect.

Driehaus College of Business 2018-2019

Driehaus College of Business 2019-2020

College of Communication 2018-2019

College of Communication 2019-2020

College of Computing and Digital 2018-2019

College of Computing and Digital 2019-2020

College of Education 2018-2019

College of Education 2019-2020

College of Law 2019-2020

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences 2018-2019

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences 2019-2020

College of Science and Health 2018-2019

College of Science and Health 2019-2020

School of Music 2018-2019

School of Music 2019-2020

​School for New Learning 2018-2019

School for New Learning 2019-2020

The Theatre School 2019-20

Liberal Studies Program 2018-2019

Liberal Studies Program 2019-2020