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​Our Mission

The Office of University Registrar is the steward of the academic record, ensuring its accuracy to protect the value and integrity of the DePaul degree.  The office is responsible for maintaining efficient and accurate record, registration, and advising systems.  It is also responsible for the enforcement and implementation of the University’s academic policies and procedures.  The office continually improves its processes and procedures utilizing technology when possible to deliver services most effectively.  

Operating Principles

  • Support the DePaul community with a collaborative spirit and strategic foresight to advance the goals of Enrollment Management and the mission of the University.

  • Serve as the institutional steward for the permanent academic records of students and alumni, maintaining their academic history in an accurate, consistent, and timely manner that protects the value and integrity of the DePaul degree.

  • Provide professional leadership and guidance to the university community on issues related to University Registrar business.

  • Consistently and equitably administer the academic rules and regulations of the institution as set forth by the university's governing structures, or as required by state and federal regulations.

  • Ensure the security and privacy of the personal and academic information of current and former students.

  • Leverage technology to provide innovative business solutions to the DePaul community.

  • Serve as agents of change, relying on data and best practices in higher education to frame solutions to challenges presented.

  • Care for each other as colleagues by promoting a professional, respectful, friendly and caring office environment that contributes toward the success of each individual team member in the University Registrar.


  • Support and assist students in fulfilling their educational and professional goals by providing student centered online services and tools such as official and  unofficial transcripts, course history reports, placement testing, inter-college transfers, enrollment verifications, degree verifications, and degree progress reports.

  • Maintain academic and personal records, ensuring that requests for items such as name changes, grade changes, and immunization records required by the State of Illinois are properly updated and documented

  • Oversee registration, grading, conferral of degrees and distribution of diplomas.

  • Maintain course information and degree requirements including the academic catalog and schedule of classes.

  • Provide faculty, advisors, and administrative staff with tools to support students, such as the Degree Progress Report, Attendance Verification and Academic Progress Surveys, Advisor Assignments, Advising Notes, Probation and Retention Tools, and PS Query training. 

  • Educate the university community on the privacy rights of students, as accorded them through FERPA, and administer appropriate access to records, as defined by legitimate educational interest.

  • Preserve historical DePaul and custodial academic records.

  • Report enrollment data, as prescribed by federal regulations, in a timely and accurate manner, and report pertinent student data to the university community as needed. 

Students can get help and conduct business with the University Registrar through DePaul Central. DePaul Central is a one-stop integrated student service area for students to take care of their core business transactions. For more information, visit the DePaul Central site.​​​