Global Fluency Certificate Application

​ Available to all undergraduate students, the Global Fluency certificate seeks to honor students who have strategically pursued transformative learning and cross-cultural curricular and co-curricular activities necessary to become active global citizens. The certificate will be formally awarded by the student’s home college and will appear on the student’s official transcript. For questions, contact DePaul’s Global Engagement office at 

In order to receive the Global Fluency Certificate, students will need to meet the following requirements: 

a. Foreign Language Proficiency: Students must demonstrate beginning proficiency in a language other than English. This requirement can be satisfied by successfully completing with a C or better language courses up to 103 (i.e. one year of a foreign language) or by taking an assessment test, administered by the Modern Languages Department. 

b. Global Experiential Learning: Students must complete at least one global experiential learning opportunity. This requirement can be satisfied by completing one of the following: 

i. A short or long-term faculty led study abroad program. Both DePaul managed and non-DePaul programs qualify. 

ii. A course with a Global Learning Experience project. This must be an officially recognized GLE course, through the office of Global Engagement. 

iii. An International Campus Ministry service trip.

iv. A Global Brigades program. 

v. An international internship. 

c. Global Learning Courses: Students must take and pass at least 4 (four) Global Learning tagged courses. Courses that satisfy either requirement a or b above cannot count for this requirement. At least 2 (two) of these courses must not be used to satisfy requirements of the student’s major. 

d. Grade Point Average: Students must maintain a DePaul GPA of 2.67 or better. 

Please complete the form below to submit your certificate application.

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