University Budgets and Planning

University Budgets and Planning
University Budgets and Planning

Budgeting may be an unfamiliar process, and university budgets can seem particularly opaque, filled with terms that are standard in accounting but perhaps not as familiar outside the world of finance.

Dispelling any confusion or mystery about DePaul University's budget is the purpose of this website. Here, we will describe:

  • How DePaul handles its finances
  • The planning process that departments undertake in forming a budget 
  • How tuition, staffing and other factors affect our bottom line

You can also find fiscal reports on how DePaul uses the dollars entrusted to it, whether they came through tuition, program fees or philanthropy. A look through these reports can give a fuller understanding of DePaul's strategic priorities, expressed through how the University makes best use of finite resources.

This site will be used to provide regular updates related to DePaul's finances, making it easier to learn the latest about spending plans and economic decisions, and is intended for current members of the DePaul University community — staff, faculty and students.

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