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Winter 2024 Enrollment Update

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students, 

As Designing DePaul​ initiatives move forward, enrollment remains a key focus area. At last fall’s Town Hall​, I shared how strong transfer and international enrollment were driving us forward. Today, I am pleased to share an enrollment update for Winter 2024.  

Our Winter 2024 numbers show positive growth, with a headcount of 20,491 – about 2% greater than the Winter 2023 headcount. Here are some factors driving our growth:  

  • ​Undergraduate enrollment is up 2.4% 
  • Graduate enrollment is up 2% 
  • Total credit hour production is 269,720 – up 3.4% compared to Winter 2023 
  • ​Continuing student headcount is rising, at 19,476 compared to a budgeted headcount of 18,843. It is up 2.37% compared to Winter 2023.
  • Total new student enrollment is 1,015, which is also ahead of our target by 44 students 
  • New transfer enrollment is 352, up 4% year to date 
  • New graduate enrollment is 590, compared to a target of 571 

When we look ahead to Fall 2024 enrollment, the biggest concerns—and possible risk—are the complications and delays from the Department of Education regarding the FAFSA process. Affordability is critically important for enrollment, and FAFSA is the primary way many, if not most, of our students find grant and loan support to fund their education. Although DePaul provides generous institutional financial aid, the delay in the FAFSA process is creating anxiety and uncertainty for students and families regarding college enrollment. DePaul’s Office of Financial Aid continues to work with students and families to answer questions and share updates as available.  

We will continue to explore ways to strengthen enrollment and retention, and I’m grateful to the faculty and staff who are driving our progress. Because of your efforts, we are transforming DePaul into a national leader in higher education and positioning our students for success.  

If you would like to hear more about Designing DePaul progress and other university updates, please consider attending the virtual town hall on Tuesday, March 19 from 12 – 1 p.m. Faculty, staff and students may register using your DePaul email address by Monday, March 18.  


Robert L. Manuel 

Visit the Designing DePaul​ website for more information on how our community is working together to plan DePaul’s future.​​