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Quad safety concerns

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students,

Today, we received calls from external entities specifically referencing the battery incident that occurred last night and indicating the possibility of escalated confrontations at the encampment.  

We urge all members of the DePaul community, including all those in the encampment, to avoid the quad. We asked Chicago Police to closely monitor the situation in and around the campus as a preventative safety measure for all involved.

There is no known threat to other locations in the campus community and regular operations will continue.

We intend to continue the conversation with the student leaders in the DePaul Divestment Coalition. The safety of our community must continue to be our top priority. 

We pray our university community will listen to our pleas to keep everyone safe. 


Robert L. Manuel

Salma Ghanem

Sherri Sidler
Executive Vice President, CFO​​