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Adjunct faculty climate survey results

​​On Aug. 30, when I shared the 2022 climate survey results, because of an unfortunate oversight, I did not include adjunct faculty data. As I explained in my follow-up communication, this omission intended no slight to our valued adjunct faculty colleagues. I appreciate your patience and understanding as we analyzed the results, and I’m happy to share all the data with you here:

The adjunct faculty climate survey had a 22% response rate. Full-time faculty had a 54% response rate, and staff had a 63% response rate. Similar to full-time faculty and staff, adjunct faculty results show a declining trust in our leadership and struggle with work-life balance. On a positive note, adjunct faculty indicate increased appreciation of our faculty and academic leaders. These trends align with the previously shared faculty and staff results.

I reiterate my charge to our university leaders to engage in discussions with all our faculty and staff about the climate survey results. Faculty and staff also are welcome to share their thoughts about how we can address the climate survey at upcoming vision sessions on Sept. 27 and Oct. 7. I look forward to seeing you there.