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FY24 budget final steps and staff resource guide

As we begin to set our sights on the start of a new academic year, I continue to uphold my full commitment to transparency and wanted to share an update about the completion of the FY24 budget process. At this point, we have completed the Voluntary Separation Incentive Program and staff reductions. In total, we had a total of 77 staff members participate in the Voluntary Separation Incentive Program. I'm grateful to Mission and Ministry for hosting a celebration in the spring so that we could properly recognize and say goodbye to those staff members.

Again, in the interest of full transparency, I am saddened to share that in order to close the FY24 budget gap, a total of 15 of our 1,300 full-time staff members have left the university through workforce reductions. Their last day at the university was July 24. I intentionally paused before sharing this difficult information so that we could fully focus on taking as good care as possible of those individuals who left DePaul.

Please know our Catholic, Vincentian mission continues to serve as our steadfast guide, and the university is supporting the 15 individuals who are no longer employed by the university. We are addressing their needs, including providing career counseling services. Care for the individual always remains our priority.

I know our community is adjusting to the many staff changes created over the last two months. Over the summer, we received a request to create a resource guide that lists who to contact for various services across the university. I appreciate this recommendation, and I invite faculty and staff to access the resource guide here.

This summer, I also have been working with senior leaders at the university to redesign our annual budget conversations. We took into consideration the feedback we received this past year and developed a calendar that details the major milestones for our upcoming year. I look forward to sharing this calendar and the results from the Designing DePaul sessions when we come together at our annual Academic Convocation in a few short weeks. Thank you again for your continued patience, participation, and guidance as we completed the FY24 budget process. I am deeply grateful for the care and dedication you demonstrate every single day at DePaul. I look forward to seeing you at Academic Convocation, followed by the Welcome Back Celebration, on Aug. 31.