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Respondus is a software application that enhances the functionality and usability of D2L's quiz tool and allows instructors to create an assessment in ​​minutes.  Respondus enables you to create D2L quizzes while "offline" and seamlessly synchronize them with D2L and print-based exams. Questions can be imported from text files, making Respondus ideal for converting publisher test banks or old quizzes and tests into online versions. Respondus also supports the use of mathematical and scientific symbols using its Equation Editor or MathType.

Download & Install Respondus

Respondus is available free to DePaul faculty and staff.  The software, installation instructions, and installation password are avalable through Webdrive. Login to Webdrive and navigate to:
W:// drive --> Software-->Faculty-Staff-->Windows-->Respondus

Help and Training 

DePaul's Center for Teaching & Learning
D2L Respondus Integration User Guide
LockDown Browser
Online Training Videos
Quicik Start Guide