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Law Student University Center Residents

​​​​​​​​​Meal plans for University Center residents differ from those designated for Lincoln Park residents in two ways:

  1. Meal plans are loaded onto your University Center ID card.
  2. Food purchases are made at CAF and The Market; both conveniently located at University Center (2nd Floor).

We are dedicated to working with students needing meal plan accommodations outside of medically documented situations, such as dietary needs or religious practices. We take a one-on-one approach to guide and assist students to make appropriate dining adjustments. Prior to any release, we make every effort to satisfy each student’s requirements. Students wishing to request a meal plan accommodation may do so by contacting​ housing@depaul.edu.

How Meal Plans Work

Meal Allotments

University Center meal plans provide students with a set number of meal allotments per week. Meal allotments begin on Monday and continue through Sunday. The meal allotments are reset every Monday during the semester, but will not reset during Winter Break (only Flex Dollars will be available for Winter Break).

Flex Dollars

University Center meal plans also provide students with Flex Dollars. Flex Dollars can be used for purchases at the building's convenience store and can be used to pay for meals during interim periods when allotments are not active (when DePaul classes are not in session during Winter Break). Flex Dollars are made available on Monday of each week and unused dollars roll forward to the next week for the duration of the meal plan. Any remaining Flex Dollars at the end of Spring Semester will be forfeited. Please use the Resident Meal Plan Request to add, change or cancel current and future meal plans.

Note: Meal plans can be added at any time but cannot be changed or cancelled after the dates listed in the Terms & Conditions.


Meal plans are loaded onto student and/or resident ID card(s) and may be applied at the following locations, depending on the plan selected:

  • University Center ID card
    • Connected to all University Center meal plans.
    • Use at CAF and The Market, located on the 2nd Floor of University Center.

2024-25 Meal Plan Options and Rates

Law School students typically live in apartment-style units at University Center and have the option to choose either of the following meal plans to meet their needs. These plans are charged by semester:

Plan Name UC Meal Allotments UC Flex Dollars per Semester Semester Rate
Basic 10 meals/week 360 $2,001
Standard 15 meals/week 360 $2,598​

Ready to Choose Your Meal Plan?​

Visit myhousing.depaul.edu. If you currently have a meal plan, but would like more information on how to add money, change, or cancel your meal plan visit the Use & Manage Your Meal Plan page.