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Commuters & Non-Residents

​​​​​​​​​​DePaul students living off-campus, as well as faculty and staff, may purchase a meal plan. Meal plans available to those living off campus include the Blue Bucks 300 plan and options available for Lincoln Park on-campus residents. 

Meal allotments are to be used at Blue Demon Dining Hall at the Lincoln Park Student Center and DePaul Center (Loop Campus). Blue Bucks are reserved for on-campus cafes and other dining locations just outside the main dining halls, as well as the ETC on-campus convenience store. ​

The details outlined below are for 2024-25 meal plans. Students needing current meal plan rates may refer to the 2023-2024 Housing and Meal Plan Rates​​​ info sheet. 

How Meal Plans Work

Meal Allotments

Meal plans for Lincoln Park residents provide a set number of meal allotments to be used each period, which vary depending on the plan type and are for personal use only. Meal allotments begin on Sunday and continue through Saturday.

Blue Bucks

Meal plans also provide students with Blue Bucks (formerly known as Flex Dollars). Blue Bucks can be used for purchases outside of the main dining areas (such as campus cafes) and can be used when classes are not in session (such as Spring Break). Blue Bucks are made available on the first day of each quarter and unused dollars roll forward to the next quarter. Any Blue Bucks remaining at the end of Spring Quarter will be forfeited. 


Meal plans are loaded on your Blue Demon Card (DePaul ID). Simply present your Blue Demon Card to the cashier to enjoy all-you-care-to-eat dining at Blue Demon Dining Hall, a daily carry-out meal, or meal exchange at one of our exciting platforms. Meal plans can be added, changed or cancelled by using the Resident ​Meal Plan Request, but cannot be changed or cancelled after the dates listed in the Terms & Conditions.

2024-25 Meal Plan Options and Rates

Commuter students and non-residents (faculty and staff) may choose any of the following plans:

Plan Name Meal Allotments Blue Bucks Quarterly Rate
Blue Bucks 300 N/A (Does not provide guest swipes) 300
Blue 90 90 meals per quarter 350
Apartment 45 45 meals per quarter 300 $844 
DePaul Weekly 12 12 meals weekly, resets on Sundays 450 $1,832 
DePaul Weekly 14 14 meals weekly, resets on Sundays 300 $1,843 
Unlimited 5-day Unlimited meals per quarter, available Monday-Friday 350 $1,991 
Unlimited Plus Unlimited meals per quarter 275
$2,443​ ​

Add Funds to Your DePaul ID Card

If you do not want to add a meal plan but wish to add funds to your DePaul University ID card, you can do so by logging in to Campus Connect. Once logged in, select Student Resources > Optional Transactions > Meal Plan Online. You can add funds by using a credit card or by billing them to your student account.

Where to Dine

These meal plans can be used at DePaul dining locations in the Lincoln Park Campus and at the Loop Campus (DePaul Center, 11th Floor). Additional dining location information can be found on our Location & Hours page.

Ready to Choose Your Meal Plan?

Visit myhousing.depaul.edu. If you currently have a meal plan, but would like more information on how to add money, change, or cancel your meal plan visit the Use & Ma​nage Your Meal Plan page.