The members of the President’s Diversity Council shall serve as Presidential appointments for two-year terms. This membership will evolve as DePaul University’s constituency groups change and grow and are included in the university community. The group will meet once each quarter.

The PDC membership includes the following individuals:

Maria DeMoya

College of Communication, Diversity Advocate

Anthony Chung

College of Computing and Digital Media, Diversity Advocate

Ronald Chennault

College of Education, Diversity Advocate

Daniel Morales

College of Law, Diversity Advocate

Shailja Sharma

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Diversity Advocate

Margaret Silliker

College of Science and Health, Diversity Advocate

Sandra Shelton

Driehaus College of Business, Diversity Advocate

Derise Tolliver-Atta

School for New Learning, Diversity Advocate

Katherine Brucher

School of Music, Diversity Advocate

Dexter Zollicoffer

The Theatre School, Diversity Advocate

Lawrence Hamer

AVP Academic Affairs

Rico Tyler

AVP of Diversity and Inclusion, Student Affairs

Judith Kolar

Center for Students with Disabilities

Laura Warren

Office of the General Counsel

Emily Opaliski

Operations, Institutional Compliance

Kathryn Statz


Tina Cajigas

Enrollment Management & Marketing

GianMario Besana

International Initiatives

Francine Soliunas

University Advancement

Maria Toscano

Office of Public Relations and Communications

Mariella Palacios

Human Resources

Sandra Tanksley

Staff Council Representative #1

Tzong Chang

Staff Council Representative #2

Vanessa Cadavillo

Student Government Association (SGA) Representative #1

Richard Popp

Student Government Association (SGA) Representative #2

Shealyn Wolfe

DePaul Women's Network (DWN) Affinity Group

Keith Baltimore

DePaul University Black Leadership Coalition (DPUBLC) Affinity Group

Elizabeth Florez

Latinos Empowered At DePaul (LEAD) Affinity Group

Yuki Miyamoto

ELEVATE Affinity Group

Katy Weseman

LGBTQ Affinity Group

Haydee Nunez

DePaul Military Resource Group (MERG) Affinity Group

Nancy Hashimoto

DePaul Parenting Group