For Students

What placement processes does DePaul University offer?

Which Placement Processes do I need to complete?

How do I know if I am exempt from a particular Placement Process?

When do I need to complete my required Placement Processes?

Where do I access the Placement Processes?

What are the test formats and how much time should I allow for completing each one?

How do I make sure my computer is ready?

What should I do if I have no computer, or mine does not meet the minimum requirements?

What should I do if I am getting an error message when trying to complete my Placements?

Are alternate testing arrangements available for students with learning disabilities, or with physical or mental impairments?

How do I find out my results, and when can I expect them to be available?

What if I do not complete the Placement Process?

For Parents

Who should I contact to find out how my student did in the placement process?