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Residential Education

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Residential Education is responsible for responding to student crises, building a sense of community and DePaul spirit, managing the student conduct process and providing students with high-quality opportunities for engagement. Residence directors, a graduate assistant, and resident advisors live on campus and are available to assist students with transition concerns and ongoing advocacy.

If you're looking for information regarding housing applications, billing, room assignments, cancellations, work orders, etc. please contact the Department of Housing Services.

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  • Our Mission
  • Our Vision
  • Our Learning Outcomes
  • ​ Our Departmental Values
  • ​ResEd by the Numbers

Our Mission

Through our passion and dedication, we identify and respond to student needs. We devote our time, talent and resources to build a relational, residential community where students are encouraged to explore, learn and develop holistically.

Our Vision

We strive to transform students into responsible adults who desire to make decisions out of respect for themselves and others. We aspire for these adults to always pursue excellence, welcome diverse perspectives, and proactively contribute to their university and community.

Our Learning Outcomes

Students who participate in Residential Education programs will:
  • Be able to practice reflective decision making.
  • Be able to recognize the value of the communities of which they are a part
  • Seek opportunities to explore and engage with diverse perspectives.
  • Be able to demonstrate personal responsibility and respect for others.

​ Our Departmental Values

We value...

Wellness:The safety of our residents and staff through our commitment to safe residence halls and facilities, and encouragement of healthy decisions.
Connections: Our relationships with students and others, through building connections, creating cohesive residential communities, and collaborating to better serve students and staff.
Development: Developing oneself personally and professionally through learning at home, work and school.
Excellence: Striving for continuous improvement through the pursuit of excellence in all activities and relationships.
Responsibility: Discipline, responsibility and accountability to oneself and others in the community and organization
Service (to Others): Aspiring others to lead and serve the community in which they live and operate.
Respect: The uniqueness and diversity of others; we strive to help others gain understanding, remain open and respect others for their individuality

​ResEd by the Numbers

Our Staff
  • 57 Resident Advisors (RAs), undergraduate students who live in our halls to facilitate community
  • 6 Residence Directors (RDs), full-time professional staff also live in the hall
  • 190 students applied to become an RA for the 2014-2015 academic year
  • 25 RAs returned to the position for a second or third year
Our Department
  • 10 professional staff members, including RDs
  • 1 Graduate Assistant (Assistant RD)
  • 836 educational events/programs offered to students in the 2013-2014 academic year

Programs & Services

Live-in Professional Staff

Residence Directors (RDs)

RDs are professional staff members who supervise the student resident advisor (RA) staff, as well as facilitate the educational and social opportunities in the residence halls. RDs are available for support, advice, and advocacy. They typically live in an apartment in a residence hall. RDs are responsible for responding to policy violations and providing emergency response to student incidents that occur outside of normal business hours.

Resident Advisors (RAs)

RAs are students who live in the residence halls and have been selected and trained to assist and support residents. They help build community by providing educational opportunities and referral information. They can also help residents address roommate conflicts and adjust to college life.

Assistant Residence Director (ARD)

The ARD is a graduate student staff member who is responsible for assisting the residence directors in supervision of the RA staff, and for providing community building and educational opportunities. The ARD lives on campus and can provide emergency response to student incidents that occur outside of normal business hours.

Residence Hall Events

​​​​​​Residential Education Learning Initiative (RELI)

In Residential Education we believe that every interaction with a student is an opportunity for learning and personal growth. We intentionally design and facilitate events that promote learning and community building in a variety of ways, with the hopes of empowering students to:
  • ​Identify and proactively seek campus resources necessary for personal success.
  • Understand how their individual behaviors can impact the needs of others in their community.
  • Identify ways in which they can contribute to their community, giving consideration to individual strengths, challenges, motivation, and goals.
  • Identify ways for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including academic, personal, social, mental, spiritual, and physical wellness.
All of the above we strive to accomplish through the Residential Education Learning Initiative (RELI). In addition to hall-specific events that happen throughout the year, some examples of signature RELI initiatives include:

Welcome Week
Blue Demon Community Meeting
Seton Halloween
Academic Recognition Reception
Winter Wellness Challenge
LGBTQA Month Drag Show​​​

Residence Hall Council (RHC)

​​​​​Residence Hall Council (RHC)​ represents students living on campus. With student representatives in each hall, led by an executive board, they strive to "make DePaul home". RHC works as a liaison between organizations, university departments, and residential students to enhance the quality of life in the residence halls by creating a safe and comfortable community. They serve as a voice for residential student concerns and praises and are dedicated to upholding DePaul’s Vincentian mission. RHC plans events in both the residence halls and the wider campus community to enhance the college experience and to create a friendly environment for all residents. Some signature events include:​​

Welcome Week Bingo Night​​
Trip to Six Flags Amusement Park
Little Sib's Weekend
"D Factor" campus-wide Talent Show

In addition, RHC offers services to residents from outside vendors for: bed lofts, micro-fridges, linens, welcome packages, and finals kits.​ For more information on these particular services please click here​.

RHC is advised by professional staff in Residential Education and Housing Services.​​ 


The Department of Residential Education is located in Centennial Hall. The building is located on the southeast corner at the intersection of Fullerton and Sheffield Avenues. Residence director offices are located in the areas they oversee; please see each staff member's bio below for specific office locations. Our main office contact information is:

2345 North Sheffield Avenue
Suite #302
Chicago, Illinois 60614

Our normal hours of operation: 9:00am - 5:00pm (CST), Mondays through Fridays. Residential Education staff is available 24/7 to respond to student needs or crisis situations. Please contact your residence hall front desk or Public Safety if you need assistance after hours.


Graduate Assistant

Chastity Stokes
Assistant Residence  Director for Munroe & Belden-Racine Halls ​