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Annual Assessment Process

The assessment process at DePaul University is designed to assist curricular and co-curricular programs assess student learning, based on the "assessment loop​."  

Each year, every academic and co-curricular program is expected to assess at least one of their defined student learning outcomes using at least one direct assessment method. Over the course of seven years, each program should assess all of their program student learning outcomes.

The basic steps in this process are defined by the assessment checklist and further clarified by the assessment rubric and include:
  1. Reporting and reflection on the use of the results of previous assessment(s).
  2. Identification of at least one program student learning outcome as the focus of assessment.
  3. Description of methodology used to determine students' success in meeting the choose program student learning outcome(s). 
  4. Reporting of results of the assessment.
  5. Description of data analysis and interpretation.
  6. Identification of actions the program will take based on the assessment results.
  7. The specific process and timeline for assessment is defined by individual units - which may include the department, the college, or the division.  


Access the assessment report templates, checklist, and rubric here​.


Fall Quarter - Spring Quarter
Plan and complete the annual assessment project.

October 1 - Assessment reports for all programs are due to the Office for Teaching, Learning & Assessment.

December 1 - Assessment reports for all colleges are due to the Office for Teaching, Learning & Assessment. 

Be sure to consult with your individual department, college, and/or division about the timeline for your program. There will likely be additional requirements (such as submitting an assessment plan to the college) and/or different dates your final assessment reports are due to the department, college, and/or division. 

Academic Program Review

Please visit the Academic Program Review (APR) website to access the planning templates and other documents required for APR.​