• To highlight ways in which communities around the world can and have responded to conditions of violence, displacement and marginalization;
  • To support community efforts to engage in regenerative, community-building activities and break new ground in their struggles;
  • To connect insights that emerge from work in communities touched by violence in Chicago with global learning that emerges from community struggles abroad;
  • To share information about our own engaged research with the larger DePaul community;
  • To encourage additional scholarship and creative activities addressing these kinds of
    issues at DePaul;
  • To build a network of faculty, staff and students at DePaul with whom to collaborate on engaged research initiatives.

    VdPP Coordinator: Rose Spalding (LAS, Political Sciences)

     Projects:  This group 
    plans to organize a public panel discussion in late January 2017  in which available SVdPP members will present an overview of  their engaged research and invite comments and suggestions from the participants.  ​​