​Many students receive financial aid in the form of contracts from employers and/or agencies, such as the federal government or corporate offices. The amount that is covered is determined by a student's employer/agency.

In order for a student who is a recipient of a contract not to be billed personally, Accounts Receivable creates an account for the employer/agency. The actual debit balance is moved from the student account to the employer/agency account where it is held until such time as payment is received from the payee. Vouchers are due in our office by the tuition due date for each term.

Bills are prepared in batches according to the type of contract, usually after the add/drop period ends and after bookcard charges have been processed. A copy of the student's bill will be sent to both the student and the employer/agency, thus allowing the student to have a copy for his or her records. If, for some reason, payment is not received by the student's employer/agency, the charges become the responsibility of the student. Students who are eligible for Third Party participation will not be allowed to participate in the DePEPER program. 

Important Third Party Dates

For further information on the Third Party Billing Program, please contact Delores Shipp at (312) 362-8391 or dshipp@depaul.edu. ​