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Allergies & Special Dietary Needs

Students who live in traditional residence halls are required to participate in campus meal plans.

DePaul University Student Centers and Dining Services offer a variety of accommodating choices for students who have food allergies and special dietary needs. Choices are available at our dining room locations and for carry-out.

Students with special dietary needs can also request an individualized tour of the dining operation to help them become familiar with our facilities and preparation processes. To arrange a tour and discuss dietary choices, contact James Lee, Resident District Manager at (773) 325-4908.

If you have questions while dining at a Dining Service location, you can ask to speak with the chef or one of our Dining Service managers. Our Dining Services managers have received extensive training in food allergies and special dietary needs, and are happy to answer dietary questions at any time.

For more information on our Dining Services, please visit