The Lincoln Park Student Center

The Stuart Center, previously called the University Center, was the student union for the Lincoln Park campus. The building was built in 1971 and operated until the end of 2001 when it was demolished.

The new Lincoln Park Student Center was completed in December 2001 and was opened to the public in January 2002. The new student center was built on the former site of Alumni Hall, previously the athletic center for DePaul University, which had been built in 1956 and was razed in the summer of 2000 to make way for the new student union.

The Cortelyou Commons

The Cortelyou Commons building was built in 1929 for the McCormick Theological Seminary and was used as their dining hall. In 1976, when the seminary left Lincoln Park, DePaul University purchased the Commons. The Cortelyou Commons is now used for a wide variety of events, including lectures, meetings, and weddings.​​​​​