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Transition to Careers

DePaul's Veteran Career Transition Program is a partnership between six DePaul departments that have come together to deliver skills-based resources and ongoing support to ensure that currently enrolled student veterans are not only prepared to transition into employment, but also have the resources they need to make decisions that impact long-term financial stability.

Through a series of workshops, ongoing individual services and career networking opportunities, the program's goal is to ensure that DePaul student veterans successful transition to civilian careers after graduation.

DePaul student veterans that participate in the program will:

  • Learn skills for conducting an effective job search
  • Receive hands-on resume and cover letter writing support
  • Gain access to alumni and corporate representatives for an expanded network
  • Get personal financial and long-term financial planning support
  • Have access to assistance with legal issues and other barriers to employment
  • Learn how to access ongoing support from DePaul resources