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Adult Financial Awards

Adult Student Affairs Scholarship Program

The Office of Adult Student Affairs is pleased to announce their Scholarship Program for the 2017-2018 academic year. This program is designed to assist the growing number of adult learners who are returning to school. Adult undergraduates (24+ years of age), graduate, professional, military veteran students, and students with children (regardless of age) are eligible to apply to the applicable scholarship.

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One Adult Undergraduates (24+ or a veteran) and One Graduate/Profession Students will be chosen from their respective applicant pools in Summer Quarter for the following academic year (2017-2018). The Undergraduate award is $3,000 and the Graduate Student award is $3,000. These awards are not renewable and recipients of the scholarships cannot apply for another Adult Student Affairs Scholarship in the same academic year. Deadlines for both scholarships for entire academic year are August 18.

Quarterly Adult Student Affairs will award the Students with Children Scholarship. Open to any undergraduate student and awarding 1 $2,000 award each quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring), this award is open to any student meeting criteria below who also has dependent children under 18 that reside in the same household. Deadlines are August 18 for Fall, November 22 for Winter, and February 28 for Spring.

Recipients of the scholarship have the option of having the funds applied to their tuition or towards a DePaul University sponsored Study Abroad trip for the quarter in which they are awarded the scholarship. Certain conditions and expectations exist associated with each scholarship. Please read more in Scholarship Connect. Students awarded the scholarship must be enrolled at least half time or registered for the study abroad trip in the term for the quarter in which they are awarded the scholarship. Current financial aid packages may be adjusted when the scholarships are applied. ​


To be eligible for the scholarship program, you must:

  • Have financial need as determined by the results of your FAFSA. All students need to have a FAFSA on file to be considered. By submitting this scholarship application, you are giving the Office of Adult Student Affairs permission to obtain information from your FAFSA report.
  • Be a continuing DePaul student who is currently enrolled at least part-time as a graduate (4 credit hours), professional (9 hours) or undergraduate (8 hours).
  • Be an adult student. Adult student is defined as an undergraduate student who is 24 years of age or older. All graduate, military veteran, students with children, and professional students may apply regardless of age.
  • Have a cumulative 3.5 GPA
  • Completely answer all sections of online application and essay. Applications with incomplete sections will be disqualified.
  • Submit the application online by the deadline date and time.
  • For students with children specific scholarship, stating you have a dependent child under 18 that resides with you at primary residence.

Incomplete applications or applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

How to Apply & Deadline

See each scholarships unique deadline dates in Scholarship Connect. ​​​​

Professional Development Fund

The Professional Development Fund allows adult students (undergraduates over 24 and graduate students) to apply for partial or full funding of professional organizations, associations, conference attendance, seminars, etc. Travel is not covered.

More Information

The Office of Adult Student Affairs welcomes applications from adult students (any undergrad student 24+ years of age or older, all military veterans, graduate and professional students) to be considered as a recipient of the 2017-2018 Professional Development Fund. This fund is intended to encourage student professional development and networking through attendance or active participation at academic or professional meetings or conferences by helping adult students defray the costs associated with these activities. Awards are allocated on a rolling basis until all funds are distributed. ​


You must be a current student in good academic standing and an active and committed member of the DePaul extracurricular community through student organizations on campus to be eligible for this fund. Membership is determined by your participation in meetings, events and in social networks.

The Fund will support student participation in a meeting or conference of a professional association related to his/her career objective. Participation can include presentation of scholarly work, or active participation in a poster session, annual conference, or career expo. Funds DO NOT cover travel (hotel, mileage, airfare) or membership to on-campus organizations or honor societies.

Covered Expenses

Expenses that may be covered by the fund include:

  • Association membership at the student rate
  • Conference fees at the early bird rate
  • Presentation materials

Participant Expectations

Grantees will be expected to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Timeliness with application and reimbursements. Conference fees, association memberships and materials will be pre-paid by the Office of Adult Student Affairs whenever possible. Original receipts must be presented within two weeks after the event in order to be eligible for reimbursement.
  • Grantees will provide proof of participation at the conference or event. For the purposes of this process, “proof” includes conference badge, hotel receipts, etc.
  • Grantees will complete a short survey after the event on the impact your participation had on your professional development.

How to Apply

Click here to go to the application form page.​ You will be asked to logi​n with your Campus Connect username and password.