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National Faith and Justice Civic Learning Conference (NFJCL)

In the spring of 2007, a group of faculty, staff and students from state Campus Compact offices and public and private colleges and universities from across the Midwest gathered at St. Mary's College of Notre Dame, Indiana. Motivated by the idea of collectively organizing a national conference focused on the integrative significance of faith, justice and civic learning in higher education, this group began working together and partnering with others across this country to design and plan the first NFJCL conference in 2009 – with conferences following in 2011 and 2013. To see proceedings from the 2013 conference, go to: http://nfjcl.depaul.edu/

NFJCL Conference Goals:
  1. To disseminate research findings on the intersecting areas of faith, justice, social responsibility and civic or service-learning.
  2. To share faith perspectives on ideas and practices of justice and social and civic responsibility.
  3. To focus on justice and its relation to civic and service-learning, and/or a faith perspective.
  4. To discuss the practice of service-learning and its impact on faith and vocation at both secular and faith-based education institutions.
  5. To explore the role of reflection, in particular, in connecting faith, service and learning.
  6. To share research and practice of interfaith dialogue and cooperation in higher education.

For more information, contact Karl Nass.