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On Campus Events

​​As was announced in the 7/15 edition of Newsline, DePaul created guidelines for on campus events and activities as Chicago is now firmly in Phase 4 for reopening. In supplement to those guidelines, Student Involvement has developed an In-Person Events Plan that will guide our on-campus experiences. Student organizations will be expected to abide by DePaul’s guidelines and will go through a mandatory training if they plan to host on-campus experiences. Additional details surrounding the training will be released in the upcoming weeks.

Making the safety of our students, staff, and volunteers a priority.

  1. Contactless Event Check-In - DePaul has developed a contactless event check-in procedure for events. When attending an event, you will utilize your smart phone to check in via a QR code.
  2. Physical Distancing - Departments at DePaul are developing events that minimize movement and promote physical distancing. We will be reducing capacity at events to ensure attendees can attend at a safe distance. If a queue is needed for an event, lines will be managed digitally.
  3. Sanitizer Stations - Sanitizer stations will be placed throughout all events.
  4. Masks & Face coverings - Event attendees will be required to wear a mask or face covering while attending a DePaul event- either indoors or outdoors.
  5. Sanitizing - We will use approved sanitizer to spray down areas of our events before, during, and after all events. When bring an external vendor to campus to assist with an event, we will ensure their health and safety measures align with the strict guidelines established by DePaul.
  6. Signage - Additional signage reminding participants about physical distancing, hand sanitizing, and more will be placed throughout all event venues.
  7. Food & Drinks - All food and drinks will be individually packaged/sealed for attendees at events. Please see the information below surrounding additional parameters for food at events and meetings.

Upon reopening, the following changes will be in place surrounding food for student organizations events and meetings.

  1. The exemption surrounding purchasing or bringing food from an off campus vendor will be suspended. Any food provided at a meeting or event must be catered through Chartwell’s.
  2. Food provided through Chartwell’s should be individually wrapped or packaged.
  3. Pepsi and popcorn machine requests through the Office of Student Involvement will be suspended.
  4. Bake sales at promo tables are suspended.

To coordinate catering through Chartwell’s, please visit the Chartwell's website.

  1. Student organizations are encouraged to continue to meet virtually to maximize accessibility for their members. Student Involvement has a number of resources to assist with creating virtual meeting agendas, facilitating ice breakers, and more. These resources can be found at go.depaul.edu/campuslife under resources.
  2. Any student organization looking to have an in person meeting or event will be required to complete the On-Campus Event Training for Student Organizations.
  3. For those organizations that meet in person, there are a number of changes with reservable spaces. Some of these changes include:
    1. Any in person event or meeting needs the Phase 4 Event Application completed at least five days before the scheduled event. Events may not take place unless the Phase 4 Event Application request has been approved. The application can be found at go.depaul.edu/phase4event.
    2. All spaces- including the Student Center and the DePaul Center- have a significantly reduced capacity. If spaces are available for reservation, they typically have at least a third of their traditional capacity or less. Capacity should be monitored by the event sponsor. Please verify the capacity for your space when making your reservation.
    3. Some spaces- including all academic spaces- are unavailable for reservations at the return of the school year.
    4. All Student Center meeting requests will be canceled and will need to be rebooked by student organizations. Prior to 9/30, student organizations will be allowed to make two meeting reservations for anytime throughout the fall quarter to allow all organizations the opportunity to reserve space. On 10/1, all remaining spaces will become available for reservation.
    5. The Student Center space reservation process will continue to be managed via the EMS reservation system. Student organizations can find out more about the reservation process by visiting the Student Centers website.
    6. Any indoor in person event is limited to 50 people per City of Chicago Phase 4 reopening guidelines. Physical distancing should still be practiced in these venues.
  4. For in person meetings, the following guidelines will be in place:
    1. All meeting attendees are required to wear masks for the duration of their meeting.
    2. Singing and dancing groups will not be able to meet in the Student Center controlled spaces. These organizations are encouraged to meet virtually or outdoors and increase physical distancing.
  5. If organizations decide to meet outdoors, meetings and gatherings should still practice physical distancing and have attendees stay at least six feet apart from one another.

Additionally, student organizations are encouraged to consider the following:

  1. Virtual gatherings remove barriers for participation.
    1. There are a number of digital resources available to assist with your virtual gathering needs. (ex. - Zoom, Google Hangout, UberConference, Microsoft Teams, Skype)
  2. Outdoor experiences (events and other gatherings) are strongly encouraged.
    1. Remember to keep your distance (6 feet apart), wear a mask, and utilize hand sanitizer if restroom facilities are not available to wash your hands.
    2. Outdoor event capacity of no more than 100 (per Chicago's Phase 4 of Reopening Plan)
  3. In-person space availability will be limited.
    1. Student organizations should consider meeting with Student Center staff to ensure that all guidelines and safety precautions are being met. Virtual consultations are available.

Any student organization looking to have an in-person event or meeting will be required to complete the On-Campus Event Training for student organizations. In this training, students will learn about the adjusted process for reserving space on campus, recommendations for event planning, resources available, and more. To access more information regarding this training, please click here.

To promote physical distancing and to manage traffic flow during your event, it's important for you to think about what signage will look like throughout the event. Generic signs- including entrance/exit signage, masks required signs, and more can be downloaded here.