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Org Funding & Purchasing

Need help with processing payments or utilizing funding?
This page will serve to connect you to resources for student organizations on how to utilize allocated funding or organization funds.

Payment Processing Methods

There are four main ways to spend funds:

  1. Direct Payment with OSI: Contact the OSI Coordinator, Franco Sambataro (FSambata@depaul.edu) to schedule a virtual appointment. The appointment needs to be schedule at least one week prior to the program.
  2. Reimbursement: Request a reimbursement through the Payment Processing Form.
    • Must be completed within 30 days of purchase.
    • Save fully paid receipts
    • Do not use cash sharing apps such as Venmo, Cash App, etc. Reimbursements cannot be processed if payment is made through these forms.
  3. Contracts: Contracts must be completed for (but is not limited to) DJs, speakers, performers, venues, and vendors.
    • Students must NOT sign contracts themselves. This agreement must be completed by the performer/vendor, and then uploaded by the student organization.
    • Contracts should be uploaded to the Contact Submission Form.
    • Vendor Agreement (i.e. venues, inflatables, catering)- Vendor Agreement
    • Performance Agreement (i.e. D.J., speaker, musician)- Performance Agreement
    • Contract Submission must be complete 21 days prior to event!
  4. Invoice/Vendor Payment: Invoices should be uploaded to the Payment Processing Form.
    • Submit the unpaid invoice and any additional documents provided by vendo​r.