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Gearing Up For a Chicago Winter

The winter here in Chicago is a beautiful, yet brutal season. It may be safe to assume that the only Chicagoans enjoying the lake-front winter are the polar bears at the Lincoln Park Zoo. As January's average temperature is 25 degrees with 18 mph winds, it may become difficult for students to stay warm, healthy and happy. So, here are some tips for our students on how to successfully survive a classic Chicago winter.

  • Acquire the proper attire: The best way to stay warm in the winter is by gearing up, with the most important garment to have in your closet being a thick coat. To find a durable coat, students can check out stores like North Face and Carhartt online or at store locations in Wicker Park. For more budget friendly options, students should check out local resale stores like The Salvation Army on Clybourn Ave., which is in walking distance from the Lincoln Park campus. While shopping, don't forget to grab a scarf, hat and pair of gloves!
  • Take advantage of virtual offerings: In order to stay warm and cozy, one may decide it's best to avoid the cold completely. Here at DePaul, we offer virtual options in many ways. Whether it be taking a hybrid course or scheduling an online mental health consultation with UCAPS, our students are invited to utilize DePaul's virtual offerings during this chilling time.
  • Enjoy activities across the city: There are countless ways to stay engaged and entertained during the winter. For some off-campus fun outdoors, students should check out ice skating in Millennium Park or the Maggie Daley Skating Ribbon. Or they can go sledding at the Soldier Field sledding hill or snow shoeing on Northerly Island. Those who prefer to stay indoors may consider checking out local coffee shops such as Verzenay Patisserie on Lincoln Ave., or visiting the Art Institute of Chicago for free with their DePaul ID.
  • Prioritize health: During times like these, it is important to place health at the top of the priority list. To avoid getting sick, keep up with flu shots and COVID-19 vaccinations by making appointments at local pharmacies such as the Walgreens on Fullerton Ave. Also, continue with regular health practices like staying hydrated, wearing masks, washing hands and getting approximately 8 hours of sleep each night.
  • Perspective is key: At the moments when the previous suggestions fail to keep students cozy and happy, it is important to remember that the winter won't last forever. Eventually the cold storms will pass, and Chicago's picture-perfect summer will be back!

With these tips and further support from staff and fellow Blue Demons, we are positive that students can successfully glide through yet another winter here in the city of Chicago!