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Workshops Available For Your Class

How do I enhance my students' understanding of diversity?

Partnering with academic units across the university, The Center for Identity, Inclusion & Social Change provides interactive, experiential and dialogical experiences in the classroom to enhance students' understanding of diversity relative to curricular content. These educational experiences can be scheduled by any faculty or staff member involved in facilitating a curricular experience using our online request form. Some extended, strategic collaborations include:

  • Working with the Office of New Student and Family Engagement to implement "Understanding Diversity and Culture" workshops in every Chicago Quarter class; and
  • Providing workshops and trainings for many campus partners

If you are interested in scheduling a curricular workshop for your students, please review the descriptions of our current menu of curricular workshop offerings below. You can schedule any of the diversity workshop experiences described below for your class by filling out this online request form.

Session Title: Communication Across Difference: Building Community Through Dialogue

Do you know how to engage challenging situations with people who call or visit your office? Learn a communication technique to promote effective cross-cultural interactions to assist in these types of situations. Students will learn the steps for this technique and practice them using a variety of scenarios and custom-created situations they face in their role during this 60 minute workshop. ​

Session Title: Being an Ally to Transgender People

This interactive workshop will delve into the topic of gender identity, including basic terminology, transgender identity development, differences between sexuality and gender identity, and dismantling transphobia. ​

Session Title: Intro to LGBTQ Identities

This session provides basic information on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) identities and experiences. Participants will leave with increased knowledge around terminology, socio-political history, community building and ways to be an ally to LGBTQ people. ​

Session Title: Tools for Addressing Microaggressions

Microaggressions are intentional or unintentional brief slights that communicate derogatory messages toward individuals based solely upon their marginalized group membership. Microaggressions can and do occur everywhere and anywhere. This workshop explores the characteristics and impact of microaggressions and tools for addressing them. ​

Please allow at least 3-4 weeks between requesting a workshops and your first preferred workshop date. All workshops are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis pending facilitator availability.

Visit the Diversity Education page for additional workshop opportunities offered through the Center for Identity, Inclusion & Social Change.

What are common hour workshops?

The Center for Identity, Inclusion & Social Change partners with the Office of First Year Programs and the Office for New Student and Family Engagement to provide a high quality, introductory experience for first year students during their fall Chicago Quarter courses. As Chicago Quarter Mentors and their teaching teams prepare for this module, the Center in here to support you in three ways:

Option A: Request a guest speaker from the Center to facilitate a workshop!

The Center has numerous staff, including 7 Social Justice Advocates with over 30 hours of diversity and social justice facilitation training, to serve as a guest speaker for your diversity and social justice common hour lesson. With experience facilitating over 200 workshops every academic year, we are happy to work with you to facilitate this experience with your students. The process couldn't be simpler:

  • Work with your teaching team to determine 3 possible dates / times that you would like us to come to your class to facilitate this workshop
  • Complete a workshop request form via orgsync.
  • A representative from the Center will review your request and respond within 1-5 business days.

Option B: Request a peer "life-line" co-facilitator for your lesson plan!

Feeling nervous leading a conversation about diversity? Have one of our Social Justice Advocates be there with you as a support person to lead specific activities or discussion you feel less confident about. The process is the same as above and just as simple:

  • Work with your teaching team to determine 3 possible dates / times that you would like a SoJA to be with you for your diversity and social justice lesson plan
  • Complete a request form via OrgSync.
  • A representative from the Center will review your request and respond within 1-5 business days.

Option C: Request a prep meeting to prepare for your lesson plan!

For Chicago Quarter mentors who wish to implement the workshop on their own, Center staff are available to meet with you to prepare for these sessions including everything from activity facilitation tips to brainstorming how to integrate this session into the broader them of your course. All you need to do is email Michael Riley, Workshop Coordinator in the Center for Identity, Inclusion & Social Change, at mriley21@depaul.edu with the dates and times you are available to meet. Michael will be sure to respond within 1-5 business days. ​

We look forward to working together to ensure successful diversity and social justice conversations in your Chicago Quarter courses! If you have any questions, please contact Michael Riley. ​