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Online Training

The Center for Intercultural Programs has created a series of online education modules related to diversity and social justice to help students, faculty and staff develop knowledge and skills for cultural competence. Each module consists of three parts:

  1. A video tutorial between 5-8 minutes long,
  2. a brief learning survey, and
  3. additional handouts or resources to further your learning.

Modules are listed by title and can be accessed by clicking the link. These links will take you to OrgSync where you will need to log in to view the material.

  1. Core Concepts for Diversity & Social Justice
  2. Intersectionality & Salience
  3. Social Inequality, Privilege & Oppression
  4. 3 R's for Understanding Cultural Conflict
  5. LARA Method
  6. DESO Model

Note: If you are completing an online module as part of a course, please make sure to check the syllabus for the title of the module you are supposed to complete! If you have questions or concerns accessing these modules, please contact Scott Tharp at