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Katie Brick, MBA, MDiv

DePaul University welcomes and supports students of all religious and faith backgrounds, as well as those searching to find a spiritual home. DePaul's vibrantly diverse community enables rich opportunities for interreligious friendship, dialogue, learning and service. Religious Diversity sponsors Student Religious Organizations, which serve as faith-based communities for many students.

Katie Brick has worked in Religious Diversity at DePaul since 2005 and currently serves as Director of the Office of Religious Diversity (ORD). Past DePaul experience includes being Assistant Director and serving as a Loop Chaplain. Katie has led the DePaul Interfaith Scholars program and is passionate about interfaith engagement. Prior to joining DePaul, Katie's diverse work experience included marketing, organizational development consulting, non-profit management, and hospital chaplaincy.

She received a BA in history from Northwestern, an MBA from Northwestern and an MDiv degree from Catholic Theological Union.