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Montey Caston

  • mcaston1@depaul.edu
  • Gender Equity Investigator
  • Title IX

Montey Caston, the Gender Equity Investigator for the Office of Gender Equity (Title IX) is a double Demon and has been with the university since earning his Bachelor of Science in business administration in 2013, before going on to receive a Masters of public administration in 2015.

Before his role as the Gender Equity Investigator, Montey worked for the university as a compliance and risk analyst for Compliance and Risk Management since 2014. In that role, he  gained expertise in investigative skills through compiling evidence to reveal instances of non compliance, informed new employees of their duty as mandated reporters under Title IX and the Protection of Minor Children policy, facilitated communication between anonymous reporters and the Title IX coordinator and has experience training faculty and staff on regulatory compliance requirements (i.e. FERPA, Title IX). Montey has also been a member of the DePaul University Grievance Review Board since 2018.​