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Timely Tips: What you can do to help the 4,000 new students who will be on campus this summer

Orientation programs began in earnest on June 22

Over 4,000 new freshmen and transfer students will visit DePaul this summer for new student orientation. Two Transition DePaul (transfer student) orientation sessions have occurred, and the first Premiere DePaul (incoming freshmen) orientation session took place on June 22. These orientation sessions will continue on both the Lincoln Park and Loop campuses throughout the summer.

Please assist new students and their families this summer in order to to ease their transition to DePaul, should they approach you. If you have any questions about the programs or how to help, visit the orientation website, email orientation@depaul.edu or contact the Office of New Student and Family Engagement at (773) 325-7360.

NSFE staff do their best to be available and answer all questions that new students and their families might have. However, you may encounter students and their families on their way to and from orientation activities, and they may have questions for you. Here are some frequently asked questions:

Q: Where do DePaul students receive discounts?
A: DePaul students save on everything from restaurants to the Art Institute of Chicago. Students should search the DePaul Demon Discounts page for the full list. 

Q: What are dining options on campus like?
A: First-year students living in residence halls must purchase the DePaul dining plan for use at on-campus dining halls in both the Lincoln Park and Loop campuses, but there are also many places to eat off-campus. For some ideas of where to go, and to save some money, check out the DePaul Demon Discounts’ dining section.

Q: How do students get to campus, or travel between campuses?
A: Many students take public transportation (CTA trains and buses), and can use their Ventra U-Pass for unlimited rides during the academic year. The Fullerton Red and Brown line CTA stop serves the Lincoln Park Campus, and the Jackson Red Line or Harold Washington Library-State/Van Buren Brown and Purple line CTA stops serve the Loop Campus.

Q: What security measures are there on campus?
A: Blue emergency call boxes are located across the Lincoln Park campus, and these will connect you immediately to DePaul Public Safety. House phones are available in all campus buildings for emergency calls. For emergency calls from house phones, dial extension 5-7777 in Lincoln Park and extension 2-8400 in the Loop.

Public Safety also provides an escort service for faculty, staff and students to and from anywhere on the Lincoln Park campus from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. The escort service can be reached at (773) 325-7233.

Q: Where is the financial aid office? How can I contact them?
A: DePaul Central handles all financial inquiries. They can be contacted in-person in the Lincoln Park campus’ Schmitt Academic Center suite 101, the Loop campus’ DePaul Center suite 9100, via email at dpcl@depaul.edu, or via telephone at (312) 362-8610.

 Here are some other ways you can assist students and families:
  • An email went out to all faculty and staff regarding orientation activities. Make sure to read it if you haven’t already.
  • Keep in mind that new students and families will be on campus all summer starting June 22 through the beginning of the Fall Quarter.
  • Keep your eyes open for students and families that appear lost. Approach them and ask if you can assist them in any way.
  • They might ask you questions about the campus, but also about the city. If you are unsure about the answers, please refer them back to their orientation leader or New Student and Family Engagement.
  • On the Support page, parents and families can access DePaul’s academic calendar and a resource guide, as well as other helpful resources. Encourage them to visit the page. You can also refer parents or families to Family Connection News​ if they want important updates.