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Did You Know? Don't Cancel that Class!

Faculty members, don’t cancel that class! Instead, invite a guest lecturer through the Don’t Cancel that Class program to present to your students on an important health or wellness topic in your absence. Offered through the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness (HPW), the program is a great option to make the most of your students’ valuable class time while you are out. Introduced four years ago, the no-cost program ensures that your students are receiving critical and helpful information, even when you are unable to teach.

“I had seen it at other universities, and always wanted to bring it to DePaul. It’s a great way for students to become educated about important health related topics in your classroom,” Shannon Suffoletto, director of Health Promotion and Wellness, says.

When you request a Don’t Cancel that Class session, a professional staff member or peer health educator from HPW leads a one-hour workshop with your students on a topic of your choice from the following list:
  • Stress and Self-Care: stress identification and management, as well as methods of self-care
  • ​Healthy Relationships: how to identify healthy versus unhealthy relationships
  • Marijuana: Blunt Talk: discusses the laws, politics and risks of marijuana and how it affects college culture
  • Understanding Sexual Assault and Consent: educates students on sexual violence, including prevention and response
  • ​Alcohol: Challenging the Hype: presents myths and realities about alcohol, and ways to reduce harm when drinking
Health and wellness are the main topics, but the workshops are appropriate for any cancelled class, regardless of what the subject of the course is, from accounting to political science to music.

If you would like HPW to cover your class, please email them a week in advance with your desired topic; choice of a professional staff member, peer health educator or both to lead the workshop; the date, time and location of the class and the class size. The topics are flexible and can be adjusted to meet your needs, so reach out and we’ll have you covered!