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Meet Our Student Leaders: Paige Skorseth

Athlete and scholar

Paige Skorseth is a senior health science/bioscience major, as well as captain of the DePaul cross country team and indoor and outdoor track teams. We caught up with Paige to get the skinny on what it’s like to be a student-athlete at DePaul. 

Q. You’re a bioscience major, do you have any minors? 
A. I am working towards minors in both chemistry and biology. 

Q. We know you’re the captain of the women’s track and cross country teams, do you have any other sports that you like to play? 
A. I did gymnastics for 13 years growing up, and although I no longer do gymnastics, it served as wonderful supplemental training in high school and taught me many of the lessons I use to succeed in collegiate running.

Q. What helps you balance sports and school? 
A. All of the coaches are wonderful resources that can assist in the balance of athletics and academics.  When I was an underclassman, the captains were also great resources.  As the current captain, I strive to provide the younger athletes with the advice that was given to me when I started out.  Peers, teammates and roommates are fantastic resources because they are experiencing similar things, but may carry a slightly different perspective.  We also have an Athletic Academic Advising office that provided extensive help.  My teachers and teaching assistants have also played a large role in creating a healthy balance in my life.  

Q. What is your favorite memory as a DePaul athlete? 
A. My favorite memory as a DePaul athlete was last year during preseason when my team traveled to the sand dunes in Michigan.  We ran a really hard workout including sprints up the dunes; however, afterward, we were able to swim in the lake and hang out for several hours. It really helps our team bond, and turns us into a family!

Q. You took the MCAT and did well. How did you find time to prepare? 
A. A large part of why I scored well on the MCAT was because of my amazing professors at DePaul.  The MCAT isn’t really something I studied for for six months, it was a test I had been studying for my whole life.  That being said, my high school teachers were significant in some of my success.  However, I did use study books and would study about two chapters every day at 6:00 am until practice at 8:30 am last year.  I began in January and studied through my test date in July.  

Q. What advice do you have for freshmen athletes? 
A. My advice for freshman would be that everyone struggles - you just need to keep going.  Honestly, I was the perfect example of a student-athlete who struggled freshman year, but was able to learn and achieve a lot by the following year.  My freshman year I barely slept, and ended up fracturing my femur.  By my sophomore year I was our number one runner and had a great balance between academics and athletics.  You learn tricks, and it happens slowly (sometimes without you even knowing), but each year truly does get easier.

Q. What are your future plans? 
A. I utilized the early application process through the Pathways Honors Program which provided me admittance to Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine at Rosalind Franklin University. I’m also in my second round of applications at several medical schools. 

Q. What are three fun facts about you? 
A. I love to travel!  I actually became interested in medicine from a trip that I took to the Amazon Rainforest with a high school teacher.  I have also backpacked the Grand Canyon rim to rim, multiple parts of the Appalachian Trail, and the entire island of Isle Royale in Lake Superior.  I also enjoy vacationing to Mexico, where I do some great deep sea fishing, and Europe.  

I love stuffed animals and own hundreds! My favorite stuffed animal is actually a mystical-like creature that is called a Ritzy Horse. To make it even weirder, his name is Whisits.  

I really like finding ice cream places that serve jumbo sizes like Nelsons in Stillwater, Wisconsin and Belts in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.  Ice cream is my favorite food by far.

​​​​​Thanks, Paige. Good luck during your final year at DePaul!