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AlcoholEdu and Haven have been introduced at DePaul

Modules ensure basic level of knowledge about alcohol and consent

Two new educational modules, AlcoholEdu and Haven, were introduced to Discover and Explore Students in fall of 2015, and this fall it was opened up to transfer, graduate and law students. AlcoholEdu, an interactive, online program that teaches students about the effects of alcohol and how to handle tricky situations involving alcohol; and Haven, a program that educates students about healthy relationships, sexual consent and bystander intervention, are used by a number of colleges and universities across the country.

Shannon Suffoletto, the director of Health Promotion and Wellness and the person responsible for implementing and administering the modules, answered a few questions about the program. 

Q. What is the main purpose of these programs? 
A. Many universities offer online educational modules for students as they enter their institution. Our goal is for all students who enter DePaul University to have similar baseline knowledge about sexual & relationship violence and alcohol & drug use so they can make informed choices. We will build on the knowledge learned in these modules throughout students’ time here at DePaul by continuing to reinforce the Take Care DePaul message in various programs and initiatives.

Q. Are the modules effective at increasing knowledge about these issues?
A. So far, data we’ve collected from the modules show changes in students’ knowledge of these issues and attitudes towards them. 

Q. How are Chicago Quarter Mentors (CQMs)and Common Hour involved with the programs? 
A. The common hour module that the CQMs facilitate about health and wellness builds on the information in AlcoholEDU and Haven. CQM’s check on students’ progress with the modules and encourage their completion. They are a nice compliment to one another.  

Q. By when are students expected to complete the program? 
A. There is a part I and part II for BOTH modules.  Part I has already opened and closed. Part II will OPEN October 3rd. All new students who completed Part I of BOTH modules will receive an email with instructions for Part II. Part II will close October 28th, 2016. 

The division hopes to expand the university's reach with these programs, and will work with faculty and staff, particularly in graduate programs, to encourage student completion of the modules.

If you have any questions about AlcoholEdu or Haven, contact Kate Lower, acting director.