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Aromatherapy, healthy taste-testing two aspects of new Brain Fuel Week program addressing student stress around finals

From aromatherapy to dodgeball, Brain Fuel Week provides many ways for students to relieve stress before final exams. The Office of Health Promotion and Wellness organizes Brain Fuel Week every quarter to provide a week of calming experiences for students before a typically stressful exam period.

The Office of Health Promotion and Wellness launched Brain Fuel Week during fall 2015 finals. The various daily events, all free for students, are designed to help students manage their stress and improve all aspects of their health: physical, emotional and spiritual.

Two years of Brain Fuel Week has allowed Health Promotion and Wellness to refine their offerings and develop new ones. “The number of collaborations and the number of people that we’re partnering with has grown, and we've also improved the quality of the program,” says Shannon Suffoletto, director of Health Promotion and Wellness. “We focus on higher quality, bigger impact events. When you start to repeat an initiative, you get better and better at it. Things now are very intentional, with very meaningful programs.”

Winter Quarter 2017’s Brain Fuel Week included unique interdepartmental collaborations such as aromatherapy co-hosted by the Office of Mission and Values and the Ray Meyer Fitness and Recreation Center, and healthy taste-testing sessions at both the Lincoln Park and Loop campuses, hosted by Dining Services. The aromatherapy event proved particularly popular among students.

“Brain Fuel Week pulls me out of my own intense study mode and into the community aspect of the Take Care DePaul campaign,” Health Promotion and Wellness coordinator and graduate student Alyssa Rickman says. “The message of ‘take care of yourself, take care of each other, take care DePaul’ is embedded in Brain Fuel Week. We can all help take care of each other throughout the quarter, and students don’t have to go through or manage stress alone.”

Each quarter, Brain Fuel Week returns to emphasize the importance of taking care of your health and the community’s health, with the next one scheduled for the week before Spring Quarter final exams, May 29 to June 2, 2017. Information about Brain Fuel Week can be found on DeHUB, and fliers are posted around campus with event information, as well. 

Encourage students to come out and take time to unwind before finals week. If you would like more information about Brain Fuel Week, contact the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness.​