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Assist in the Preservation of the Vincentian Archival Collections in Chicago, Paris, and Rome

Purpose: The Vincentian archival resources under the control of the Congregation of the Mission and/or DePaul University are divided among facilities in Chicago, Paris, and Rome. Additional and important Vincent and CM-related resources are also housed at public institutions such as the Bibliothèque national de France (BNF) and the Bibliothèque historique de la Ville de Paris (BH), as well as in private collections. Whereas holdings curated at DePaul University’s Special Collections receive proper conservation and are formally archived, holdings in the Paris and Rome collections are not. These academically important resources are (1) in danger of physical deterioration, (2) are not curated and archived in the manner that would make them maximally available to scholars and advanced students, and (3) are largely invisible to the researchers in the DePaul faculty and student communities. We propose undertaking actions that will address these three problems.

VdPP Project Coordinators: Alex Papadopoulos (GEO) and Warren Schultz (HIS).

Projects: The group recently organized the exhibition Exploring Vincent de Paul’s Mediterranean Western Europe and the Barbary Coast, 1580-1760. By presenting maps, books, illustrations and other objects in its historical context the exhibition encourages viewwers to explore the Mediterranean Sea as theater of conflict, commerce, and cultural intercourse during the life of Vincent de Paul and a few decades beyond his time. A major theme of the exhibition is the Mediterranean Sea as both contested and connective tissue between Europe and the Barbary Coast. The Sea is context and structure, enabler and constraint, for Vincent de Paul’s France, its geopolitical aspirations, its mercantile ambitions, and its relationship with North Africa. On view at the DePaul University's Special Collections Gallery. For more Information go to the News and Events page of the SVdPP website. ​​