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Academic Initiative Program Awards

Academic Initiative Program Awards Spring 2017

Curriculum Projects

Facilitating Virtual Language Immersion for Second Language Classes*
Carolina Barrera-Tobon, Modern Languages

Screencasting Problem Solutions for MAT 147-148-149
Bill Butterworth, Mathematical Sciences

Lightboards for Online Business Calculus
Bill Chin, Mathematical Sciences

Encore Entrepreneurship:  A Pilot Program
Marty Martin, Management and Entrepreneurship

The Modern Marketing Lab: Blending Classroom Learning with Practical Application
Jim Mourey, Marketing

Expanding the Arts Leadership MFA to the School of Music
Alan Salzenstein, Music

Online Executive track in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies
Shaljia Sharma, International Studies

Online Minor in Professional Writing
Pete Vandenberg, WRD

Investigating Graduate-Level Curricular Initiatives for and with Chicago Nonprofit Organizations
Pete Vandenberg, WRD; Lisa Dush, WRD; John Mazzeo, Public Service; Noam Ostrander, Social Work; Tracey Mabrey, Sociology; & Robert Stokes, Public Service

Research and Creative Activities Projects

Short Film:  "Oh Baby!"
Meghann Artes, Cinematic Arts

Explaining Community Choice Aggregation
Hugh Bartling, Public Services

Translating Newberry Library French Revolution Collection Pamphlets for Digitization
Pascale-Anne Brault, Modern Languages

A Software Framework for Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning
Eli Brown, Computing

An Examination of Barriers to Housing Among Individuals with Extensive Shelter Histories:  Provider Perspectives
Molly Brown, Psychology

Music and Public Space in Chicago
Kate Brucher, Music

The Radiocarbon Dating Initiative of the Avdat in Late Antiquity Project
Scott Bucking, History

Reading Chicago Reading
Robin Burke, Computing

Bridge between Combinatorics and Representation Theory
Andrew Carroll, Mathematical Sciences

Take Back the Halls:  Ending Violence in Relationships and Schools
Beth Catlett, Women’s and Gender Studies

The Classification of Triangular Deltoids
Stefan Catoiu, Mathematical Sciences

Electronic Word-of-Mouth Antecedents in Chinese Travelers on WeChat
Shu-Chuan Chu, Communication

"Oriental Peaceful Penetration" and Othering the Household Object in Gertrude Stein's "Tender Buttons"
June Hee Chung, English

Comics on the Margins
Blair Davis, Communication

Original Composition for International Clarinet Association Clarinet Fest 2017
Julie Deroche, Music & Seung-Won Oh, Music

Fit for Life Research Study
Sydney Dillard, Communication

Maria Stewart, Black Womanhood and Radical Pamphleteering
Marcy Dinius, English

Decision Making in Situations of Uncertainty
Ning Du, Accountancy

Stockyard Institute Exhibit at Hyde Park Art Center
Jim Duignan, Education

Iraq History Project
Chris Einholf, Public Service

Feature Film:  "Changing the Debate"
Ron Eltanal, Cinematic Arts

Otok Zoon Politicon: A Civic Education Game for Croatian Teens
Dick Farkas, Political Science & Doris Rusch, CDM School of Design

Improving Communication, Coordination, and Health Outcomes for School-Based Health Centers in Chicago
Elissa Foster, Communication & Jay Baglia, Communication

Shadowing as a Research Technique in Healthcare:  Connecting with a Patient Perspective
Andrew Gallan, Marketing

Extrapolating Influence:  Mapping the Histories of Artemisia and ARC Galleries, Chicago (1973-2003)
Joanna Gardner-Huggett, History of Art & Architecture

Efficient Algorithms for Minimum Obstacle Removal
Jonathan Gemmel, Computing & Iyad Kanj, Computing

Meiosis in Fruit Flies
Bill Gilliland, Biology

Converting the Missionary:  Mary Mills Patrick and the Constantinople Women's College
Carolyn Goffman, English

Emotion Regulatory Mechanisms Involved in Culture-Based Coping with Death Awareness
Verena Graupmann, Psychology

Building Positive Multidisciplinary Relationships within Sexual Assault Response Teams
Megan Greeson, Psychology

People's Guide to Chicago
Euan Hague, Geography & Larry Bennett, Political Science

Preventing Web Attacks:  Split HTML
Karen Heart, Computing

Jewish Community Life in Croatia
Nila Hofmann, Anthropology

Geospatial Health:  Mining GPS Data toward Understanding Health Implications of Activity Space
Sungsoon Hwang, Geography

Bio-prospecting or Bio-piracy?:  Intellectual Property Rights, Innovation, Indigenous Communities
Kathryn Ibata-Arens, Political Science

Improving Teaching and Learning in the Global Classroom
Li Jin, Modern Languages & Jason Schneider, WRD

Characterizing Problems that are as Hard as Satisfiability
Iyad Kanj, Computing

Feature Film:  "Oblivion Verses"
Alireza Khatami, Cinematic Arts

Russian Theatre Directors, 1917-1940; How to Rehearse a Play
Damon Kiely, Performance

The Virtual Asian American Art Museum "Michiko Itatani:  Painting the Cosmic Narrative" Module
Laura Kina, Art, Media, and Design

A Qualitative Case Study of the Impact of Metacognitive Practice on Student Retention in STEM
Mary Bridget Kustusch, Physics

Towards a Molecular Movie of Parkinson's Disease
Eric Landahl, Physics

Evaluation of Physical Health and Mental Health Literacy of Korean Americans
Young-Me Lee, Nursing

Investigations in Random Matrix Theory
Karl Kiechty, Mathematical Sciences

DBBuild:  Tools for Conducting Reproducible Analyses in Urban Data Infrastructure
Tanu Malik, Computing

The Effects of Valuation and Instrument Complexity on the Preparation and Assessment of the Reasonableness of Fair Value Measurements for Complex Financial Instruments
Stephani Mason, Accountancy

Evaluating YMCA Early Learning Program
Jennifer Mata-McMahon, Teacher Education

The Center for Robust Decision-making in Climate and Economic Policy
Nathan Mattson, CDM School of Design

Career Counseling with Individuals Experiencing Homelessness in Chicago
Rebecca Michel, Psychology

Proboscis Theatre Company
Jeff Mills

Diversity in Personalized Recommendation
Bamshad Mobasher, Computing

Terror, Terrorism, and Terrosit Organizations: Understanding the Threat
Tom Mockaitis, History

DePaul - YMCA Contextual Analysis Project
Karen Monkman, Educational Policy Studies and Research

What's in your Soil?  Characterizing and Mapping Spatial Patters of Residential Soil Quality Indicators in Four Northside Chicago Neighborhoods
Jim Montgomery, Environmental Science

Happily Ever After:  Black Women, Romance, and Racial Uplift
Julie Moody-Freeman, African and Black Diaspora

Translation of Jacques Derrida's "Life Death"
Michael Naas, Philosophy

Designing a Sociotechnical System to Enable and Enhance Educator Roles to Support Youth Learning
Denise Nacu, Computing

Plant Matters
Don Opitz, School of Continuing and Professional Studies

Sounds Like a Mystery:  20th Century Broadcasts for 21st Century Podcasters
Roxanne Owens, Teacher Education

Justice and Racial Reconciliation in Charlotte
Scott Paeth, Religious Studies

Children's Language Use and Development in a Spanish Immersion Early Education Classroom
Sung Park-Johnson, Leadership, Language, and Curriculum & Carolina Barrera-Tobon, Modern Languages

The Exact Stretch Factor of Delaunay Triangulations
Ljubomir Perkovic, Computing

HAB APEX: High-Altitude Balloon Air Pollution Experiment
Mark Potosnak, Environmental Science

Human-Computer Interaction in Practice:  Support for Pedagogy
Cynthia Putnam, Computing

Medical Image Interpretation using Smart Computer-Aided Diagnosis
Daniela Raicu, Computing

Documentary Feature Film:  "Language of Opportunity"
Anuradha Rana, Cinematic Arts

Identifying Security Breaches in a Hacked Database
Alexander Rasin, Computing

Nanobot:  Operation Pacific Vortex Mobile Game
B. Rich, CDM School of Design

"Gamiconocron" Short Film
Brad Riddell, Cinematic Arts

Indexing Translation of Derrida's Death Penalty Seminar
Elizabeth Rottenberg, Philosophy

What Makes and Electronic Health Record System Effective:  An Empirical Study of Patients' Patterns of Use
Hamed Qahri Saremi, Computing

Addressing Health Disparities in Chicago through Collaboration with Health Foundations
Daniel Schober, Public Health

Revolutionary Time:  On Time and Sexual Difference in Julia Kristeva and Luce Irigaray
Fanny Soderback, Philosophy

Structural Studies of Glycosylated and Deglycosylated Immunoglobin E
Catherine Southern, Chemistry

Building an Intelligent Interview Assistant System
Adam Steele

"A Place to Call Home" - Homelessness in America
Susanne Suffredin, Cinematic Arts; Dana Kupper, Cinematic Arts; & Joanne Zielinski, Cinematic Arts

The Archaeology of Montagu Cave, South Africa:  The Keller Artefact Collection and its Association to the Middle Stone Age Sequence
Alexandra Sumner, Anthropology

Authoritarianism and the Evolution of Electoral Politics in Western Europe
Erik Tillman, Political Science

Automatic Summarization of Privacy Policies Using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning
Noriko Tomuro, Computing

A New Approach to the Synthesis of Neuroactive Azepanes and their Derivatives
Paul Vadola, Chemistry

The Role of Competitive Actions on Fashion Social Network
David Wang, Accountancy

Death of a Flyboy
James Wolfinger, Education & History

Assessing Spatial Disparities in Urban Green Spaces and Developing Community-based GIS Applications in Chicago
Byunyun Yang, Geography

System Justification
Jennifer Zimmerman, Psychology