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Title IX & Sexual and Relationship Violence

​Policy Information

DePaul University strictly prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in its education and programming activities. Sex discrimination includes sexual harassment, and relationship violence.

DePaul is committed to offering a secure and supportive environment for individuals who report incidents of sexual and relationship violence to receive resources and consider all available options. Read DePaul’s full policy​ on Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention and Response can be found here.

DePaul is committed to the diversity of its faculty, staff and student body.  It is the policy of DePaul University that no person shall be the object of discrimination or harassment on the basis of any status or characteristic protected by local, state or federal law.  DePaul’s full policy on Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment can  be found here.

Reporting Information

Title IX and other laws require that many employees report sexual violence and other sexual discrimination that is reported to them to particular offices. DePaul also has established procedures for confidential reporting. Please review DePaul's Title IX Reporting Responsibilities and Confidential Reporting Options.

DePaul has also created a Step-by-Step Response Guide for faculty and staff.

Learn more​ about how to report a crime at DePaul.

Sexual and Relationship Violence Information Sheets

All individuals who report experiences with sexual or relationship violence will be provided with a written Sexual and Relationship Violence Information Sheet.
Individuals may also be given a sexual assault incident notice​ from the Chicago Police Department, which provides you with resources and phone numbers for assistance.

Information About Illinois Law

Learn more​ about laws and definitions related to sexual and relationship violence in the State of Illinois. Please note that this information is not intended as legal advice. Individuals should consult legal counsel regarding criminal and civil matters.