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Museums and Libraries

The DePaul Art Museum and the DePaul University Library provide faculty and students with extraordinary collections and expert service designed to support teaching, learning, scholarship, and community engagement across the curriculum. Showcasing art, rare books, and archival collections through exhibitions and publications, and teaching critical thinking on-site and online, DePaul’s libraries and museums are a center for intellectual inquiry and academic engagement outside the classroom.
·         The DePaul University Library provides access to almost 200,000 electronic books, and over 1,000,000 total items in its print and digital collections
·         The DePaul Art Museum holds more than 3,200 objects, with strong holdings by Chicago and regional artists
·         More than 12,000 people visited the DePaul Art Museum in 2015-16, including tours for more than 90 DePaul classes
·         Almost 450,000 full-text electronic journal articles were delivered to DePaul University faculty, staff, and students in 2015-16 through the library web site
·         DePaul University library staff responded to over 18,000 requests for research assistance in 2015-16, including almost 1,000 in-depth research consultations
·         DePaul University librarians taught more than 400 classes in 2015-16 on information skills, how to conduct research, using library technology, and more, reaching more than 11,000 students
·         There are more than 250 public workstations available in the DePaul University Library, including specialized hardware and software for advanced academic work in media content creation, digital image creation and management, text mining, social science data analysis, and 3-D printing
·         More than 3,000 students received tutoring and other academic assistance from peer educators in 2015-16 through the Richardson Library Learning Commons
 ·        DePaul libraries and museums are popular on social media, with the library having almost 2,000 followers on Twitter, and almost 3,000 for the Art Museum