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The College of Education (COE) prepares educators at the undergraduate, master's and doctoral levels. COE students are actively involved in learning, analyzing, discussing, assessing and applying their knowledge and skills in practical settings.


For the 2015-16 academic year, 608 undergraduates and 946 graduate students enrolled in the College of Education.
The COE currently partners with more than 300 Chicago area public and private schools, hospitals, community agencies, and higher education offices through a host of innovative programs.
More than 3,000 COE graduates are employed as teachers, principals and administrators in the Chicago area.


DePaul and the international nonprofit organization Facing History and Ourselves announced a first-of-its-kind, multiyear collaboration in 2012 to incorporate Facing History’s acclaimed resources, materials and classroom strategies on civic engagement throughout programs for working and aspiring teachers studying at COE. The collaboration is the first between Facing History and a university college of education and was made possible through a generous gift from DePaul Trustee and alumnus Jack Greenberg and his wife, Donna. The Collaboration, fully implemented and now in its fourth year, has impacted approximately 2,000 stakeholders in education. 
Drs. Erin Mason, Alexandra Novakovic and Melissa Ockerman, joined the Chicago Public Schools’ Counseling Office, representatives of the Illinois School Counselors’ Association, and the Illinois Student Assistant Commission in developing a new Illinois Network, Student Postsecondary Advocacy Network (SPAN-IL), aimed at bringing together professionals who seek to improve post secondary completion rates of Illinois students. 
At least 15 COE graduates have won prestigious Golden Apple awards since 1990. The Golden Apple Foundation recognizes and develops outstanding teachers, especially for schools of need.
Dr. Amira Proweller, associate professor and chair of the Department of Educational Policy Studies and Research, along with co-researchers, Dr. Beth Catlett, associate professor and chair of the Department of Women's and Gender Studies, and Dr. Sonya Crabtree-Nelson, assistant professor, Department of Social Work, was awarded a 2015 Collaborative Research Fellowship to support an interdisciplinary qualitative study focused on Jewish teen girls' involvement in critical examination of societal inequities and social injustice through a youth participatory action research project. 
Drs. Nell Cobb, Eunmi Lee and Stephanie Whitney invited middle school girls in the Chicago-area to a two-week camp, DePaul Inspiring STEM in Girls, during Summer 2014. The camp was made possible by a $25,000 Motorola Solutions Grant and was offered again in August 2015.  
The Educational Leadership Program was named as a partner in the Chicago Public Schools Leadership Collaborative (CPSLC). 
The Stockyard Institute​, founded by Jim Duignan, associate professor, is an arts and pedagogical initiative that establishes collaborative, community-wide arts and education projects with youth, teachers, artists and residents in under served Chicago communities. The Institute coordinates with area schools, youth centers, cultural organizations and community centers to design and organize temporary public art projects and sustainable art and education programs. Since its inception in 1995, the Stockyard Institute has connected with thousands of DePaul University students, local teachers, youth and community residents building, teaching, exhibiting, exchanging and publishing projects in Chicago, the U.S. and around the world. Duignan's work and models have been published by New Art Examiner, Artforum, Chicago Reader, Whitewalls, Proximity Magazine, New City, Palm Press, Routledge, AREA Chicago, Green Lantern Press and the New York Times.
Dr. Sonia Soltero, associate professor and chair of the Department of Leadership, Language and Curriculum, co-founded English Learners Advocacy Council in Higher Education (ELACHE) that provides a focused network for higher education faculty and other educators in Illinois who teach about, conduct research on, and/or advocate for ELL education. 
The Office of Innovative Professional Learning (OIPL) provides professional development, mentoring, and program evaluation to schools, businesses, and individuals.  During 2014-2015, OIPL provided these services and support to public and private schools, businesses, organizations, and individuals seeking innovative solutions.  OIPL has collaborative partnerships with local and international organizations.  In the short time OIPL has existed, it has provided services to the Archdiocese of Chicago's secondary and elementary schools, the Big Shoulders Foundation, several Chicago Public Schools, a growing number of charter schools, the Greater Chicago International Academy, the Wisconsin International Academy, Rush University, and businesses including Fluid Content, Inc., and Cisco Systems.  In May, OIPL and the ECC hosted an Innovative Leadership Forum bringing together leaders across the area.  In June, OIPL sent two instructors to Beijing, China to provide professional development.  In July, OIPL received preliminary full recognition to offer the International Baccalaureate Educator Certificate for current IB teachers.  The list of partners and efforts of OIPL continues to grow and expand to every arena of teaching, learning, and leading.  
The DePaul University Institute for Daisaku Ikeda Studies in Education, established in April 2015 and directed by Dr. Jason Goulah, associate professor and director of bilingual-bicultural education, and world language education programs, is the first such university-affiliated institute in the United States, North America, and in the Anglophone academy worldwide (There are roughly 40 similar institutes and initiatives in Argentina, China, Denmark, Japan, Taiwan and other countries). The Institute’s purpose is to research the philosophies and practices of renowned Japanese educators Daisaku Ikeda (b. 1928), Josei Toda (1900-1958) and Tsunesaburo Makiguchi (1871-1944), as well as to provide workshops and symposia on these educators to students, educators, counselors, academics, and educational leaders in the greater Chicago area.


COE offers degree programs in early childhood education; elementary, middle grades and secondary; physical education; exercise science; bilingual-bicultural education; curriculum studies; educational leadership; counseling; and literacy and specialized instruction (i.e., special education and reading specialists).
COE offers undergraduate minors in bilingual-bicultural education; coaching; early childhood education; educational studies; English as a second language; English as a second language/bilingual education combined; health; physical education; and a certificate program in social and cultural foundations in education. 
The Education Doctoral Program continues to grow with record numbers. Graduates of the program are superintendents, principals, assistant principals and teachers in public and Catholic Schools, higher education administrators, faculty and program directors, and education consultants throughout Chicago, the Midwest and the nation. 
Associate professors Father Anthony Dosen and Dr. Barbara Rieckhoff, developed a program with the Big Shoulders Fund for a Catholic Leadership Development Program.  Students who wish to pursue leadership roles in Catholic schools enroll in the COE’s principal preparation program and DePaul and Big Shoulders support a portion of their tuition. Graduates of the program make a commitment to work and lead Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Chicago. The program began with three open spots for students, and during the 2014-15 academic year, increased to four. 
In collaboration with Universidad Panamerica, in Mexico City, the College of Education provides students with the option of student teaching in an elementary and secondary school. Students are able to fill all state of Illinois certification requirements while student teaching in English and Spanish bilingual classrooms. 
The COE partnered with the Academy for Urban School Leadership (AUSL) during winter 2015 to offer a principal preparation cohort, and during summer 2015 expanded to offer secondary education and special education cohorts. 
The Education Counseling Center (ECC) serves as a training clinic for the College of Education, offering an opportunity for community members to access quality and affordable services while simultaneously preparing students to utilize evidence-based practices in their respective professions. During 2014-15 AY, the ECC served 157 community members and trained more than 100 DePaul students through coursework requirements. In addition to services, the ECC has provided clinical supervision and professional development for counselors. In collaboration with Dr. Philip Gnilka, the ECC was awarded a social emphasis grant from the Illinois Counseling Association Foundation to support the development of the counseling services and training of practicum students. 

About the Dean

Paul Zionts was appointed dean of the College of Education in July 2009. Zionts is the author, co-author or editor of five books and more than 25 articles and chapters. A professor of special education, his research interests include educating children and youth with emotional and behavioral disorders, cognitive behavioral interventions and classroom management.
Before joining DePaul, he served as dean of the School of Education at the University of Michigan-Dearborn from 2005-2009. He previously served as a professor and chair of educational foundations and special services at Kent State University and as professor at Central Michigan University.

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