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Staff Directory

Name Title Phone Email
Linda Brown Blakley Vice President
Lynn Safranek Assistant Vice President, Strategic Communications 312-362-7739
Elizabeth Clements Executive Director, Internal and Executive Communications 312-362-7956
Russell Dorn Manager, News and Integrated Content 312-362-7218
Carol Hughes Executive Director, News and Integrated Content 312-362-8592
Jamie Moncrief Assistant Director, Visual Content 312-362-7733
Teretha Bishop Senior Administrative Assistant 312-362-7120
Chantilly Butcher Executive Assistant 312-362-8508
Jeffery Carrion Digital Media Specialist 312-362-6296
Melissa Grady Project and Business Manager 312-362-7214
Rachel Marciano Senior Communications Coordinator 312-362-6068
Kristin Claes Mathew Assistant Director, News and Integrated Content 312-362-7735
Wendy Zamaripa Smit Director, Strategic Communication Initiatives 312-362-7749
Maria G. Toscano Manager, News and Integrated Content 312-362-7740
Lorene Yue Manager, News and Integrated Content 312-362-7788