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Goal 3: Strengthen our Catholic and Vincentian Identity

Recognizing the importance of deepening our Catholic and Vincentian identity for the DePaul of the future, we are committed to protect and nurture these elements as marks of our distinctiveness, guiding how we do business and the ways we prepare our students to contribute to society. We will further institutionalize our mission to ensure that it is more intentional and resonant throughout the institution, in curricular and co-curricular learning, in student life and culture, in institutional practices and decisions, and in the quality and character of the workplace.

Objective 3a: Elevate our distinctive Catholic and Vincentian identity across the university.

  • Expand and deepen engagement of all students with DePaul’s Catholic and Vincentian mission.
    • Establish desired mission outcomes for all DePaul students.
    • Develop targeted initiatives to transmit a stronger understanding of and engagement with DePaul’s Catholic and Vincentian identity among graduate, online and adult students.
    • Develop robust assessment of all of these efforts to guide future strategic decisions.
  • Expand curricular and co-curricular opportunities for interfaith/interreligious engagement and learning.
  • Provide incentives and opportunities for faculty and staff to understand and appreciate the Catholic intellectual tradition and Vincentian heritage.
  • Extend and strengthen faculty expertise in poverty research, focusing particularly on effective approaches to the alleviation of poverty.

Objective 3b: Strengthen external partnerships congruent with the university’s valued Catholic and Vincentian character.

  • Apply DePaul’s intellectual resources to support the work of the church e.g., Chicago Catholic Schools, Catholic Theological Union, the worldwide Vincentian family and other mission-resonant organizations).
  • Solidify DePaul’s role as the international leader in Vincentian studies and scholarship.