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Goal 1: Enhance Academic Quality and Support Educational Innovation

Offering rigorous, respected academic programs, we will prepare our students for success in their chosen fields and careers, equipping them to make a difference in the world. The university will provide all students an academically challenging environment, consistently high-quality course offerings and teaching excellence. DePaul is committed to the development of our faculty, ensuring they have the resources and capabilities to deliver an exemplary education; to systems of institutional self-examination, assessment and benchmarking; optimal use of technology in support of teaching and learning; and continuing curricular innovation and program development to prepare students for an evolving, global society.

Objective 1a:  Focus the entire university community on student learning and success.

  • Strengthen the student academic experience.
    • Ensure faculty accountability in creating and maintaining an academically challenging environment, consistently high-quality course offerings and teaching excellence.
    • Adopt revised undergraduate university learning goals and outcomes to reflect national best practice.
    • Strengthen graduate and professional programs through a focus on assessment of program objectives and student outcomes.
    • Enhance and expand learning support services.
    • Leverage flexibility in library services and delivery modes to meet changing student needs in information literacy.
    • Improve the effectiveness of academic and career advising.
  • Expand and strengthen programs that focus on critical student transitions, including the first year for freshmen and transfer students, beginning or reentering college for adult students and entrance to major.
  • Increase university retention and graduation rates while addressing gaps in degree completion across racial and ethnic groups.
  • Strengthen the connections between curricular and co-curricular programs.
  • Expand support for high-quality, easy-to-navigate student services, including those that address student wellness and mental health, and special support services and accommodations.

Objective 1b: Build and retain an outstanding, diverse faculty, empowering faculty to realize their potential as teacher-scholars.

  • Enhance faculty development as teachers.
    • Encourage and reward teaching excellence, curricular improvement and pedagogical innovation.
    • Expand the tools and formal processes to assist faculty in the continuous development and improvement of their teaching skills.
  • Recognize and support the role of research, scholarship and creative activity.
    • Sustain internal support and improve university effectiveness in attracting external support for this work.
  • Develop programs to better support part-time faculty.

Objective 1c: Develop distinctive, high-quality academic programs.

  • Strengthen all academic programs by ensuring a robust culture of assessment for quality improvement.
    • Develop and apply methods and criteria to assess curricular approaches and evaluate teaching effectiveness.
  • Support collaboration among and between faculty and encourage the development of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary partnerships and programs.
  • Develop new educational offerings to address the learning needs of current and future generations:
    • Direct each college and school to develop distinctive, recognized programs that fuel enrollment growth and/or college reputation.
    • Leverage flexibility in offerings and delivery modes to meet changing student needs and demands.
    • Invest in targeted growth, especially in high-demand programs in professional and pre-professional curricula.
    • Elevate DePaul’s market position and prominence in the health sciences.
    • Develop opportunities for learning focused on sustainability.
  • Expand curricular engagement with the Catholic intellectual tradition.
  • Increase opportunities for students to develop global perspectives and intercultural competencies.

Objective 1d: Enhance the visibility and profile of the university.

  • Advance DePaul’s academic reputation, promote the strength and accomplishments of the schools and colleges, the excellence of our faculty, and raise the perception of quality associated with the university’s brand.
  • Leverage national recognition of service learning and athletics.​