​The Path to our Plan

Thoughtful, ongoing planning is the foundation of an ambitious organization with shared vision and values. At DePaul, we are fortunate to have faculty, staff and students who are passionate about our mission and how each generation applies it to the world we experience during our era of stewardship. We recognize that strategic plans don’t build universities. A community of people shaped DePaul into the institution it is today, and it will be we who fashion our future.


DePaul’s approach to planning is inclusive and grassroots. We kicked off our planning period in January 2011 and launched the plan in September 2012, following an action-packed progression through brainstorming, concept development, refinement, multiple drafts and widespread input from every school, college and administrative division, as well as students, alumni and trustees. The approach was designed to engage all sectors of the university, ensure comprehensive insight and result in a plan for which each individual will take ownership and implementation responsibility.


Strategic Planning Committees​