Procedures for Submitting New Protocols

Step 1: Complete the required human subjects protection training. If you are a student, be sure your Faculty Sponsor has completed human subject protection training.

Step 2: Review the IRB Getting Started and Levels of Review webpage or talk to IRB staff to determine the appropriate level of review for your research activity.

Step 3: Complete the appropriate application form & assemble your supporting documentation.

​​Materials Required for Exempt Projects ​Materials Required for All Other Projects (Expedited/Full)
​Exempt application (signed*) ​Expedited/Full Board application (signed*)
​Exempt info sheet or process ​Consent, parent/guardian permission, assent forms, as appropriate
​Measures or Data Collection Tools Measures or Data Collection Tools
​Recruitment Materials (e.g., scripts, flyers) ​Recruitment Materials (e.g., scripts, flyers)
​Collaborative IRB approval, if applicable Collaborative IRB approval, if applicable
​Letters of Collaboration or Support, if applicable ​Letters of Collaboration or Support, if applicable
​Grant application, if federally funded ​Grant application, if federally funded
​CITI Training for all research personnel** ​CITI Training for all research personnel**

* Submit a signed copy with the PI's signature and if applicable, faculty sponsor's signature. Most forms have been converted to fillable PDFs so the signature is electronic and no hard copies are needed.

** CITI Training for all research personnel is required. See Training Page for more information. Note - research personnel from other institutions that have their own IRB can submit the training that their local IRB requires.

Step 4: Submit final completed materials to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for review and approval.