ORS maintains a number of policies, guidelines, and related Web-based materials that collectively promote and support the effective management of grant awards at DePaul.  These resources fall into three main categories: 

Roles & Responsibilities

Administration of Externally Funded Grants and Contracts
Charging Administrative Costs to Federal Grant Awards
Charging Costs to Federal Grant Awards
Charging Costs to Non-Federal Grant Awards
Cost Sharing
Cost Transfers
Disposition of Residual Balances
Introduction to Financial Activity Reports
Issuing and Monitoring Federal Subawards
Program Income


Financial Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of Interest in Externally Sponsored Research
Conflicts of Interest in Public Health Service (PHS) Funded Research


We encourage you to consult these materials frequently and to ask ORS Award Management staff any questions you may have about them.  Also, we welcome your suggestions on how we may continue to make these resources as useful as possible to PIs and to DePaul staff who support the financial management of grant awards.​